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Are herbal supplements safe?

Different kinds of herbal remedies have been used by people all over the world since the beginning of times. Nowadays, due to the abundance of chemical drugs, which tend to work quite fast, a lot of people forget or are not even aware of how effective herbal drugs can be. Such situation is not very reasonable, as the influence of the herbal drugs on the body is much less harsh. At the same time, herbal medications should still be treated like any other type of generic drugs and taken according to your medical advisor’s prescriptions.

How does FDA regulate the safety of herbal drugs?

As any other drugs, herbal supplements are monitored for their compliance with quality requirements. But, as opposed to chemical medications, herbal drugs do not belong to the category of drugs according to FDA because they are considered dietary supplements. Even though they’re not regarded as drugs, their safety is still regulated and monitored by FDA. In case any issues arise regarding the safety of herbal drugs, FDA has the right to take measures against those responsible for the process of their manufacturing and distribution.

What should be taken into consideration when taking herbal drugs?

After your medical advisor determines which type of drug is the most beneficial for your particular issue, whether you’re dealing with high blood pressure or flu, a good idea would be to follow these simple steps to ensure you get the most out of your treatment:

  •  Dosage. The most valuable advice is to stick to the dosage prescribed by your health care specialist, so that you can avoid any unnecessary adverse effects and improve your health in the most effective way.
  •  FDA regulations. If you want to know any additional information about your herbal supplements, their effect on your health or any other updates regarding their side effects, you can check the information on the website of FDA.
  •  Monitor. Write down the effects you experience from taking the drugs, so that you know exactly what works best and what doesn’t.

What are some of the precautions when taking herbal supplements?

Herbal drugs can be an amazing tool to improve your health. But, before taking any herbal supplements, you should always inform your healthcare provider about your medical history, including any surgeries you’ve gone through and other drugs you may be taking. Pregnancy or breastfeeding should also be mentioned. Moreover, children and people over 60 years of age can be a lot more sensitive to the herbal ingredients, so the drugs should be chosen with special care.

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