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Modern Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction – INFOGRAPHIC
10 Jun. 2016

One of the most common problem of the male urogenital system is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that may affect men of different ages. Though it is not a disease, but merely a symptom of another health  problem, it significantly affects the daily life of the representatives of stronger sex.

Often impotence is mistakenly considered to be incurable and men do not seek medical help being embarrassed to talk  about it. This increases their emotional stress causing such conditions as anxiety and depression that only worsen  erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated in most men. The effective  treatment option depends on the cause of the problem. If erectile dysfunction is the result of an underlying health  condition, such as heart disease or diabetes, that condition may need to be treated first. Certain medications can  also cause erectile dysfunction, so the patient should discuss the alternative treatments for the disease that will  not affect his sexual function.

Other types of treatment for erectile dysfunction include: ED drugs, injections and suppositories, vacuum devices, surgery, and counseling if the cause of ED problem is of psychological nature.

Please, view the infographic below to find out more about each particular way of treatment. Read more…

Is it Safe to Take Viagra When You Have Hypertension?
2 Jun. 2016

high blood pressure and ed drugsHypertension is a serious problem for both men and women, about 65 million Americans suffer from this condition. It is a known fact that it contributes to heart problems and increases the chances for a stroke or heart attack. But this disorder can be also one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in men. If hypertension is controlled improperly, it can reduce the ability of the body to increase the flow of blood when required making it more difficult to achieve erection.

There are three stages of hypertension and each requires proper medicinal treatment. Read more…

Menstruation Problems Women Shouldn’t Ignore
27 May. 2016

menstuation problems women shouldn't ignoreMenstruation is an essential part of a woman’s life. However, not all women perceive problems with their cycle as a signal to go and see a doctor. But, before talking about problems here are some facts about menstruation.

Every woman has a unique body with its own peculiarities. So, normal menstrual cycle is a rather vague conception. Thus, an average menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days with menstrual bleedings from 3 to 5 days. However, for some women it is normal to have bleeding for 7 days. Read more…

How to Manage Sexual Performance Anxiety
18 May. 2016

sexual performance anxietySexual activity is supposed to make people satisfied, happy and more close to their partners. But such phenomenon as sexual performance anxiety can spoil even what might have been the best sex ever. This condition can affect both sexes; however, it is more common in men. Although, women can worry about their body image or an inability to reach an orgasm, men tend to be much more afraid of not getting an erection when needed or having premature ejaculation.

Sexual performance anxiety can often develop without a man even noticing it. Read more…

Vasectomy as a Birth Control Method
11 May. 2016

VasectomyVasectomy is a form of permanent male sterilization. It’s done to prevent the sperm from getting into the seminal fluid secreted during sexual intercourse by blocking the vas deferens (sperm tube) from each testicle. During this procedure, two vasa deferentia are cut, their small parts are removed and then they are sealed with stitches. After the surgery, the testes continue making sperm, but they are absorbed by the body instead of getting into the semen.

How effective is vasectomy?
As of today, vasectomy is considered the most effective birth control method for men. According to statistics, out of 2000 males who have had vasectomy only one man can get a woman pregnant during the rest of his life.  Read more…

Symptoms of Depression that May Surprise You
27 Apr. 2016

depression in womenThe  best way to minimize damage to your emotional and physical health is to recognize depression early and to take action. But it is not so easy as depression symptoms can be different for everyone. And even though the distinguishing symptoms are emotional, such as feeling sad or hopeless, depression may also manifest itself  by such unexpected physical symptoms as diarrhea, nausea, headache, backpain and even increased sex drive. Unfortunately, we often dismiss theses symptoms and thereby delay treatment.

For depression not to wreck your life, look for the following suprising symptoms, identifying which can help you strat treatment early. Read more…

Reasons to Visit a Urologist
20 Apr. 2016

visiting an urologistMen are known to avoid going to the doctor, especially when it comes to urologic issues, preferring to skip this experience at all if possible. As a result, they seek medical help only when it is an emergency. However, it is very important to pay attention to health and take notice of any warning signs, in order not to miss something serious and potentially life-threatening.

As men get older, prostate and sexual health play a big part in their lives and quality-of- life issues. Urologists are able to manage these issues, guiding you on what to expect, when to simply observe and when to treat the problem.  Most of the issues are easily dealt with, but sometimes minor annoyances reveal serious problems that need further investigation. Read more…

Blood in the Urine: Is It Dangerous?
13 Apr. 2016

blood in the urineHematuria (blood in the urine) in males develops due to the negative effects of certain factors – internal and external. There are two types of this condition – macroscopic (a visible presence of blood in the urine) and microscopic (it can be detected only on urine examination) hematuria.

Hematuria is more of a symptom rather than a separate disease. It is a serious warning sign that requires careful attention and if ignored, the disease causing it can lead to very dangerous complications. Once a man gets proper diagnosis and prescription, he can buy prescription drugs online. Read more…

Beat Diabetes
7 Apr. 2016

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Men’s Health
1 Apr. 2016

STD testing for menSexually transmitted infections affect about 20 million people of all ages in the USA. They can be passed to sexual partners through any type of sex: vaginal, anal or oral. Sometimes a man can become infected through contact with blood or body fluids. Oftentimes people may not know themselves that they are infected as most common STDs can go completely unnoticed for weeks, months or even years without any symptoms. However, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t affecting their health. The health risk specific to men with STDs is inflammation of the urethra, epididymis, prostate and anus, resulting in urological conditions, erectile dysfunction and infertility. Read more…



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