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How smoking leads to Erectile Dysfunction?
20 Jun. 2014

impotence and smokingErectile dysfunction affects many men around the world. As much as 39% of the 40-year-old men have some sort of erectile dysfunction. When men enter the 7th decade of their life, as much as 2/3 of them are affected by erectile dysfunction.

Though this disorder is not life-threatening, it does bring a lot of discomfort and reduces the quality of life. Men with ED are much more likely to have depression and report to have less enjoyment in life.So what is the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, and why does it correlate with old age? The answer is simple – atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disorder during which plaque (atheromas) accumulate on the inner lining of arteries throughout the body. This disorder reduces the blood flow in many organs including the penis, which makes it impossible for some men to have an erection if the arteries that supply the penis with blood are affected by atherosclerosis.

Nicotine is the main culprit!

However, as you can see this article is titled “How smoking leads to Erectile Dysfunction?” What the advertisements of cigarettes don’t tell you, is that nicotine is one of the most major factors that worsen the development of atherosclerosis within the blood vessels. As a result, not only does nicotine promote heart attack, stroke, and angina (all caused by atherosclerosis), it also causes erectile dysfunction.

So the next time you watch a movie and see a couple smoking after they had a good sex, remember that this brings them further and further from having that “good sex” in the first place.

If I stop smoking will my ED go away?

Unfortunately, atherosclerosis is an irreversible process. Some drugs such as statins may slightly reverse the effects; however, since atheromas’ outer shell is made from calcium, nothing we currently have available can dissolve them. However, this doesn’t mean that should continue on smoking, since it will only make your situation worse. Not only that, it can and will also lead to other major health risks. This is why all the men with erectile dysfunction are also screen for atherosclerotic changes within their heart.

In conclusion

If you wish to be healthy and to be confident in bed, smoking is the last thing you should be doing. Good diet and exercise will also keep you from developing atherosclerosis and as a result prevent erectile dysfunction.

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