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Antibiotics – Pros and Cons
26 Dec. 2013


Many people believe that antibiotics are quite dangerous so one should avoid taking them. Here we should say that, indeed, side effects and some complications may occur, but at the same time in most critical and difficult situations, when the patient is in grave condition and the disease develops quickly, sometimes it’s only antibiotics that can stop the spreading of infection.

These are the drugs that can suppress the activity of bacteria, but body cells retain their viability and continue functioning. Antibiotics are divided into those of a broad spectrum of action (acting against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, such as Doxycycline, Amoxil, Flagyl or Zithromax) and those of a narrow spectrum (Vancomycin, Bactocill or Nafcillin), but that doesn’t mean that the first are ‘stronger’ and at the same time ‘more dreadful’ than the latter.

The first antibiotic drug (penicillin) was isolated in 1929. Before the appearance of these drugs infectious diseases had carried away a huge number of lives, it was antibiotics that helped to change the situation.

There are such cases when avoiding antibiotic treatment is completely impossible, but once you’ve been prescribed any antibiotic drug it’s highly important to follow your doctor instructions – never increase or decrease the dosage without seeing your doctor, do not stop taking the drug even if you feel better, because the infection may turn into a low-intensity one leading to complicated lesions of heart and kidneys.

Unfortunately, there exists such a problem as bacterial resistance to antibiotics – researchers believe that it may develop in patients who abuse antibiotics or on the contrary stop the course of treatment as soon as they feel better. So when the disease reappears microorganisms are no more sensitive to the antibiotic drug that has helped the first time. Only the full course of antibiotic treatment with the doses administered by your doctor can be effective.

But, of course, antibiotics are far from being harmless as they affect our immunity. Some people may have allergic reactions to this or that type of antibiotic drugs, or other more serious side effects. Almost all antibiotics cause the imbalance of intestinal microorganisms – dysbiosis.

So what to do – to take or not to take antibiotics? The answer is quite clear – do not misuse antibiotics, take these drugs strictly per your doctor’s prescription once you’ve been diagnosed bacterial infection!

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