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Are we eating our sexual desire?
21 Mar. 2014

chocolateThere is indisputable relation between the food we consume and our sexuality. And today millions of Americans have lost their way on sexual satisfaction in a box of chocolate. Lots of people have found food as a substitute for sex.

Eating is after all accessible and gives an immediate rush of pleasure. When eating compulsively we are put in a kind of trance and unedge our real desires. So, why do we substitute sex for food?

Sex is the essential body need. Love is the main soul need. And it is the lack of them both that people compensate with food.At some time of our life it happens that a person doesn’t have any sexual desire at all. Household chores, work, lack of sleep – there is no place for sex. And we start to ‘chase down’ our dissatisfaction with chocolates, sweets, etc. But it doesn’t really work. Maybe just for a moment. And we are running off for something else, maybe spicy and hot this time. Food doesn’t resolve the problem, it only adds to inner turmoil – excess weight, loss of beauty and attraction.woman_eating_pizza

The truth is that what we really want is not found in the refrigerator. Instead, guilt, fear and shame come back in the morning, this time about what we ate instead of unfulfilled sexual desires. Fatigue will pass, sexual desire will return, but excess weight will remain.

Too many people live their lives keeping their ‘forbidden desires’, but it is better to open up and taste the forbidden fruit in many different ways than food. Use it in your sex fantasies without fear and shame, read about it, watch it, speak it. You can free your desires up no matter you fulfill them or not.

It is a too high a price for your health – happiness, creativeness, attractiveness and your love life to sweep it under the carpet. And your bar of chocolate must remain just a bar of chocolate to be enjoyed for the chocolate’s sake, not a replacement drug for sexual loneliness.

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