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Bio-Baxy Technologies
4 Apr. 2014

Bio-Baxy logoBio-Baxy is one of the top medicine producers and exporters of a large variety of medication from Mumbai, India and it is devoted to development of natural means to make generic drug conceptualization. It is already an established provider of quality products for allopathic and alternative therapies like specific herbal protocols in international and local pharmaceutical market.

India is referred as ‘pharmacy for the poor’ therefore the drugs they produce are affordable, cheap, of outstanding high class and meet most of the world’s stringent standards. The medication is extensively esteemed for purity, efficiency, right composition and validity.Bio-Baxy adheres to all possible international beliefs and standards to insure that the products worth every money that helped in serving patients worldwide with anti-bacterial drugs, anti-malaria solutions.

The product range includes antiacids, NSAIDS, cardiovascular, anti-amoebic, antibiotics, in various forms; medicines to enhance sexual activity, extracts from plants, tools for rejuvenation, slimming capsules, allopathic drugs, antiallergic drugs, injections, antidiabetic, preparations against cancer. The product portfolio covers some of herbal and pharmaceutical brands.


The products are divided in as follows:herbal products


• Food grade group
• Nutracuticals
• L-Carnitine
• Mobiotic and pre-biotic
• Green tea, Grape seeds and Cycopene, etc.
• Mecobalamies and pregabalin
• Herbal insulin and mimetic
• Herbal liver protectant
• Lycopene, methylcobalamin, extract from black grape seed
• Cutein and Betacarotene capsules
Herbal products for sexual needs


Nowadays, the usage of herbal products has become common because patients consider them more affordable and less risky if they are consumed for long time. As everybody knows in ancient India herbals have been used for very many years but now they are recognized universally. The herbal products are inexpensive and they have different form of oil, capsules, syrup, tablets, soap, drops, powder and shampoo and come in attractive packaging that differentiate the brands. The consumers buy these products not only for medicinal purposes but for cosmetic as well.


There is a quite large necessity of sexual boost goods that have no or minor side effects. As many patents consume these drugs longer they must be economical therefore the company is able to make and provide inexpensive health supplementations of all types. Bio-Baxy makes a unique and ample amount of Erectile Dysfunction products (ED).

• Sildenafil Citrate
• Vardenafil scientist working at the laboratory
• Antibiotic / other products

Some of generic drugs prepared by Bio-Baxy:

Ammonium Chloride
Chlorpheniramine Maleate
Sodium Citrate
Spas Proxivon

The priority of Bio-Baxy is to seek for making better molecules with the latest DCGI approved molecules under WHO-GMP norms as the company has the certification. The constant endeavor is to discover new ways of serving our customers. Patients worldwide believe in us for our quality.

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