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Biochem Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited
25 Mar. 2014

Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries is one of the top manufacturers focalized on development and research, fabrication and selling of innovative and pharmaceutical products for prevention, detection and treatment of human diseases.

Biochem was founded in 1959 to produce quality medicine in India. As of December 21, 2011, Biochem Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited operates as a subsidiary of Cadila Healthcare Limited. From the very beginning Hormones, Vitamins and Antibiotics were the first manufactured products. Regarding antibiotics first of all Biochem introduced Ampicilin in India and after some time on different semi-synthetic Penicillin, Cephalosporin and Anti-Cancer medicines. It is also known for producing the well known antibiotics such as Amicin or Amikasin used for dermatological treatments. However it has a small portfolio of oncologicals.

Biochem is the single licensee of Kyowa Hakko Co. Ltd., Japan to produce Mitomycin-C Injections and commercialize Leunase (L-Asparaginase) Injections for the last 25 years.Biochem got the approval of Epivir-HBV – treatment for chronic Hepatitis B patients, one of the leading reasons of death worldwide. Nearly one-third of approximately 350 million people that have chronic infection with Hepatitis B virus (HBV) are expected to develop serious progressive liver disease.Biochem laboratory

The company is engaged to fortify the fight against different kind of affections such as:

• Infections
• Inflammation and pain
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular
Acid peptic disorders
• Diabetes

One of the most significant things is the communication link between the company itself and the market which is marketing and sales team. The sales team regularly contacts doctors for promoting the company’s goods and give prescriptions. All the medicines are manufactured under strict quality control and GMP conditions. The company is constantly improving the existent formulation process and is developing new ones. As Biochem manufactures various therapeutic groups such as Beta Lactum, Anti-cancer and general Antibiotics and Antibacterial there are separate blocks designed for the groups.

Machines with a high speed and entirely automatic are installed for capsulation as well as tableting, weight variations for powders, bulk solution assay and volume variation for liquids.

The most well known generic products of the Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries are as follows:chemical-formulas


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