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Symptoms of Depression that May Surprise You
27 Apr. 2016

depression in womenThe  best way to minimize damage to your emotional and physical health is to recognize depression early and to take action. But it is not so easy as depression symptoms can be different for everyone. And even though the distinguishing symptoms are emotional, such as feeling sad or hopeless, depression may also manifest itself  by such unexpected physical symptoms as diarrhea, nausea, headache, backpain and even increased sex drive. Unfortunately, we often dismiss theses symptoms and thereby delay treatment.

For depression not to wreck your life, look for the following suprising symptoms, identifying which can help you strat treatment early. Read more…

Beat Diabetes
7 Apr. 2016

The Full Truth about E-Cigarettes
24 Mar. 2016

smoking e_cigaretteE-cigarettes were developed in China and came to the US market in 2007. They are battery-operated devices that serve to deliver nicotine to their users. They are vaporizers in fact, which contain no tobacco. Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigarettes heat up a liquid that turns into vapor, which is then inhaled.

There are lots of speculations about e-cigarettes just as there are myths about smoking cessation treatments or about everything out there. The only way to dispel them is to learn the truth. Read more…

How Much Does Weather Influence Us?
10 Mar. 2016

Many of us see the weather as a force that is constant yet unpredictable. Although many professions like farmers, construction workers, and pilots rely on the weather very strongly because it affects their daily routine, the everyday man will probably feel like it’s not that important, making for a good topic for conversation or simply something to be blamed or praised when important events are in order. However, the effect weather has on us is more profound, and you’ll be surprised to discover to exactly which degree.

The first major effect might be one that you’ve already considered but chalked up to no more than an excuse – that good weather brings us good mood, while bad weather brings bad mood. Read more…

Sauna Bathing: Health Benefits
24 Feb. 2016

health benefits of saunaSweat-inducing baths, including saunas, have proven to be effective in flushing out toxins and maintaining physical and mental health. They work by generating abundant sweating to detoxify the body and relax the mind. They also help to improve circulation of blood, strengthen the immune system, and relieve stress, all of which translate into better health. Other health benefits include:

Improved cardiovascular performance. Sauna increases the rate of blood circulation. In high temperatures of sauna when skin heats up and the body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate and cardiac output increases. Read more…

Bags Under the Eyes: Why Do We Get Them?
1 Feb. 2016

bags under eyesYou can have a good night’s sleep and be well-rested, but if you have bags under your eyes, you will still look ill and exhausted. This problem might seem pretty unserious – you feel fine, there is no pain, itching or redness. Yes, in most cases, baggy eyes can be just a cosmetic defect caused by the lack of sleep or exhaustion; however, sometimes they can be a symptom of quite serious health problems. So why do we get bags under the eyes?

Waking up in the morning and seeing those puffy eyes in the mirror, you should not run panicking to the nearest hospital. Read more…

Constipation: 6 Surprising Causes
25 Jan. 2016

causes of constipationConstipation is a condition when one does not pass stools regularly and has fewer than 3 bowel movements per week. It is a quite common disorder and, according to statistics, it occurs most often in young children and the elderly. Annually, constipation accounts for about 2.5 million visits to physicians and 20,000 hospitalizations.

So what causes this unpleasant condition? Almost all people experience constipation while traveling, when under stress or after a surgery. Such types of constipation usually go away when a person returns to his or her routine and are not considered a disorder. Read more…

Why Do We Bite Our Nails?
9 Jan. 2016

why do bite our nailsNail biting is an unpretty, unhygienic, and if you overdo it, it can also be quite a painful habit. It is rather common among both children and grown-ups, there is even a special medical term for excessive nail biting – onychophagia.

So why do people bite their nails? Scientists still do not know what makes people do it. Some researchers claim that this habit is hereditary, while others say that it is a learned habit. Although, there is a bunch of theories trying to explain nail biting. Read more…

Thyroid Problems
26 Dec. 2015

thyroid-problemsThyroid gland secretes hormones that influence nearly all metabolic processes in the body and regulate body temperature, energy, the body’s use of vitamins and other hormones as well as the growth and maturation of body tissues. Thyroid problems, ranging from harmless goiter to fatal cancer, are the result of abnormal secretion of thyroid hormones. It can be either the excessive production called hyperthyroidism, or insufficient production called hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism can occur due to several reasons: Graves’s disease, toxic adenomas, subacute thyroiditis, pituitary gland malfunction and malignant growths in the thyroid gland. Read more…

21 Dec. 2015

Dehydration Our body is composed of up to 60% of water. When the amount of water drops below the level necessary for normal body function, the person gets dehydrated.

Dehydration is a condition that refers to a deficit of total body water, which happens when a person loses more fluid than he takes in, depriving the body of the possibility to carry out its normal functions.

Small decreases in body fluids (not to mix with loss of blood volume) usually don’t cause any problems and may go completely unnoticed. But ignoring thirst and not drinking enough to replace the lost fluids can make a person sick, causing: Read more…



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