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Depression QUIZ
1 Feb. 2015

What Do You Know About Depression?

depressed girl
Depression is a disease that strikes nearly 19 million Americans every year; however it still can be hidden from view. People tend to hide the symptoms from their doctors, from their relatives, and even from themselves. As a result, millions never get the proper treatment.
Do you know what a depression means?
Do you know how to treat this condition?
Take this short quiz to see what you know about this disease.

What do you know about stress?
13 Oct. 2014

Stress: Do You Know All About It?


Do you know what STRESS is – a grave disease or just ‘a state of mind’? Can stress become the cause of stomach ulcer, for instance? Test your knowledge by answering the following quiz questions.

Men’s Health QUIZ
11 Aug. 2014

What do you know about Men's Health?


Odd it may seem, but just few of us know that the majority of problems men face, including erectile dysfunction, hair loss, BPH and many others, are not associated with age but with general health issues, which can be eliminated. For example, erectile dysfunction is for the most part not an independent disease, but a contributing factor. 90% of patients can return their virile strength if the underlying disease is properly assessed and treated.

And how well do you know your state of health? Would like to test your knowledge?

These generally known facts will help you find your bearings.

Healthy Eating Quiz
24 Jul. 2014


Healthy eating is not just a formula for shapelessness, it is also a basis for well-being – the essential component of our health. It is especially important to see about balanced diet in summer. Our test will help you to learn about your mistakes and correct them.



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