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Dancing for Heart Health
16 Mar. 2016

health benefits of dancingThere are people who cannot imagine their life without dance, those who yield to a sudden impulse, get carried away by the music and start dancing at home, at a disco or when walking. Doctors and psychologists all over the world have long known the benefits of dance for the human body. And even if you spend a lot of time at work and think that all this dancing thing is not worth your time – do not deny yourself the pleasure of dancing!

Australian scientists have found out that the beneficial effect of dance on the body is even greater than we think. They say that dance is not only a form of art, but also an excellent alternative to the gym; moreover, it’s a great way to improve heart health.

The researchers from the two universities in Sydney studied 48,390 people aged over 40 and without any cardiovascular problems over 10 years to understand how dancing affected their health status. It turns out that in those people who participated in dancing activates the risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease is 46% lower than in those who rarely danced or never danced. And it doesn’t matter what type of dance the participants practiced, as long as it was moderate intensity or above dancing.

According to specialists, it’s not only the intensity of the physical activity during dancing that positively affects the health of a person, but there are also other beneficial factors associated with dancing that have positive impact on the health. Apparently, dancers are generally characterized by the habit to regular physical activities. Besides, social interaction during dancing plays an important role. people dancingThanks to that, such pastime is very helpful in relieving stress and thus promoting heart health. So, join in some dance school or class and regular dancing might be able to help you to cope with such health issues like high blood pressure, for example, and maybe one day you could say farewell to your antihypertensive drugs.

Surely, scientists can easily explain the wonderful benefits of dance in terms of medicine; however, the study participants believe that the secret lies not only in physical activity, but also in emotional contact with your partner while you are both dancing. Therefore, bring your beloved one with you to your dance class! The authors of the study have left a wide scope for experiments – no matter what type of dance you prefer, the main thing about dancing is that it should be regular and active, so the choice is up to you.

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