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Dating and Erectile Dysfunction
11 Jun. 2014

Erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction can have a detrimental effect on private life and relationship. And the range of these effects is fairly wide.

When a man has ED problems, it may affect his relationship not only with his partner but with himself as well.  Impotence is often the ground of failed marriages. Men are often embarrassed and even feel guilty to talk about this issue with their partners.  This has an effect on trust, closeness and intimacy. Being afraid of failures, men start to withdraw themselves physically and emotionally, and instead of letting their partners know and telling the medical reason, they draw back and shrink into themselves. Their partners, in their turn start to believe that men are losing interest in them, they are no longer attractive, thereby impacting self-esteem and feeling of attractiveness. So, partners frequently do without the comfort and emotional support. Men feel devastated and very much alone. Owing to these events, couples alienate themselves physically and emotionally.

Erectile disorders can affect not only lasting relationship, it can affect dating as well. Once a man has got a psychological overlay of wondering if he is going to have a problem performing, it is almost for sure that he is not going to have an erection. Even if his medical condition is under control, the psychological one can override it. When dating, men do not know how to bring this issue up and of course they cannot hide it forever.

ED can also affect a man’s  interaction with his friends and co-workers. He may lose his confidence, enjoyment in life and morale. Due to this productivity may also decrease. On the other hand, difficulties at work can also factor into ED problems. When career is affected, a man may seem himself a failure.  Not moving up the promotional ladder, becoming financially sound and getting the respect of colleagues can affect a man’s sex life. And if a man cannot perform well at work, he may find it difficult to perform well in bed.talking about ED

So, what is to be done?

First of all talk to your partner. Women turn to internalize things. They blame themselves first, thinking that it is because they’ve done something wrong or because they are no longer attractive to their partner. The first thing a woman thinks is that it is her fault. If you don’t perform well in bed, let your date know up front and assure her that you are attracted. Letting her know that it is not on her and that you want this to happen, you will take the focus off your erection and put it on pleasuring your partner. Once you do it, you forget about your problem and suddenly find yourself with an erection. Oral ED drugs intake allows you more spontaneity and it is a good choice for men who are dating, especially thanks to the fact that pills can be taken discreetly. And the most important thing, do not shut down the line of emotional communication even if you put your physical relationship on hold. Listen to your heart. Tender sentiment and modern medicine will help you to keep your love life going.

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