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Erectile Dysfunction statistics
3 Jun. 2014

Erectile dysfunction (commonly known as ED) is a sexual disorder characterized by the inability to get or maintain erection and that leads to difficulties during sexual intercourse or even makes it impossible to have one. Doctors make diagnosis of erectile dysfunction if the problems with erection last at least for 3 months.

ED often occurs in middle-aged and senior men. However, this disorder may affect even those who are under the age of 30 years. According to statistics, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are observed in 1 out of 10 men all over the world. The risk factors of ED include obesity, cardiovascular diseases, depression, alcohol use, smoking, etc.

When facing such problem, a lot of men do not seek medical help but start using ED drugs and herbal remedies on their own risk. Such attitude results in the progression of the condition, psychological problems, family conflicts due to the lack of normal sexual life and even breakdown of relationships. That’s why if any problems of that kind appear it is important to see a medical specialist and get professional therapy.

If you want to know more about erectile dysfunction, it’s worth becoming familiar with the infographics provided below.ED-statistics

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