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Foods That Can Cause Heartburn
18 May. 2015

high fat foodCreated by acid reflux, heartburn becomes a very frequent symptom that sooner or later results in GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Pregnant women and overweight people, smokers and those, who consume large meals, are always in a high-risk group. And, though there can be numerous triggers, some foods are frequently regarded to as basic causes of unpleasant symptoms.

Food High in Fat
Avocados, nuts and cheese are among foods that can delay stomach emptying, causing pressure on the esophageal sphincter and thus resulting in frequent heartburn. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be consumed at all. When eaten in small quantities, they are absolutely safe.

Sweets and Desserts
Chocolate and spearmints, as well as other sweets, are among main triggers, too. The list can be completed by low-fat snacks. Even cutting back on calories won’t give positive results, as these sweets contain artificial ingredients that set off unpleasant symptoms.

Carbonated Beverages
Any kind of carbonated beverages leads to gastric distention. Soda pop that you like so much pressures esophageal sphincter, increasing the reflux. In fact, these dinks are far from being healthy, so switching to water is a much better option. This is one of the rules of effective and fast heartburn management.

Acidic Foods
Suffering from water brash on a regular basis, you should start avoiding citrus fruits, tomatoes and other acidic products. It is wrong to assume they are the triggers, however they add to the increase of acidity that is the reason of irritation that eventually causes the condition.

Spicy Meals
They have always been in the list of triggers. Still, their influence depends on how much a person eats. When spicy dishes are eaten in small quantities, they are safe. If it is hard to refuse from delicious cuisine, one should determine what spices are less harmful or are safer, when added in moderate amounts.alcohol

When frequent reflux problems are what you are facing day after day, refuse from any kind of alcohol you drink. It causes symptoms even in healthy people in a few hours after consumption. At night alcohol relaxes the sphincter muscle, giving the way to acid that seeps into esophagus. As a rule, heartburn attacks occur in those, who drink in shortly before falling asleep.

There’s no need to refuse from your favorite foods, but to escape the symptoms one should drink much water. If the condition is severe, the best way to deal with it is to order drugs online. Effective medication treats the main symptoms, allowing getting back to normal life.

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