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Health Benefits of Regular Exercises for Men
15 May. 2014

man exercisingAs men get older and become more involved in family life and career, most of them find it harder and harder to include exercise in their daily routine. They tend to forget about the many benefits that exercise has for their health.

One of the most important health benefits is the lower cholesterol levels. As men age, their cholesterol numbers rise and so does the risk of heart disease development. Heart attacks and heart disease can develop when an individual has a high level of LDL and a low level of HDL. Fortunately, exercise is very effective in boosting the level of the good HDL cholesterol, and can thus help prevent heart problems. Another thing that can lead to heart disease is a high level of triglycerides in the blood. Exercise lowers those levels and keeps the heart healthy.

Exercise is a wonderful way to lower high blood pressure. Older men often notice a rise in the blood pressure, and in their chances of stroke and heart disease, which are associated with high blood pressure. Studies have shown that physical activity lowers high blood pressure and with it the risk of hypertension and heart problems. It is also well known that heart attacks can occur when the outer shell of plaque gets damaged and inflamed attracting platelets. Fortunately, men who are physically active have a lower level of C-reactive protein and thus, reduced inflammation.
Exercise is also an excellent way to make the blood vessels more flexible. As men age, their vessels often become stiffer and the risk of a heart attack increases. This can also happen as a result of smoking or high cholesterol. Exercise, on the other hand, keeps the vessels flexible, making it easier for them to widen and narrow as a result of different physical demands.

Exercise can also decrease the risk of diabetes. Diabetes goes hand in hand with excessive body fat. As exercise can effectively burn the body fat and even the visceral fat, it effectively decreases the risk of diabetes. Even men who are overweight and do a moderate amount of exercise have a lower chance of developing diabetes, since regular exercise reduces the resistance of tissues to insulin.

A major health benefit of regular exercise is weight loss. As men get older, most of them gain weight, which turns into visceral fat in their abdomen. Visceral fat is very unhealthy and can lead to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.  A healthy diet and regular exercise are the only two things that can burn that fat and keep men healthy.

Last but not least, exercise is an excellent way to battle depression. Physical activity causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that cause one to feel happy. Thus, exercise is a terrific way to stay healthy and happy.

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