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How Hair Loss Affects Everyday Life
9 Jan. 2015

picknick_grillen-300x200Everywhere in the world luxurious hair is associated with beauty, youth and good health. For many people hair is an expression of our individuality and is what makes them beautiful. Therefore hair loss is devastating for both men and women and anyone who is affected by it often suffers a great deal of it.

As far as beautiful hair is a fundamental part of our personality, hair loss or hair thinning can result in loss of self-esteem and even lead to depression and other emotional issues. It is not just a visual problem, it is a psychological problem as well. The change usually starts subtly, people feel insecure and try to conceal their thinning hair avoiding situations in which it can be noticed. But with the progression of the problem it starts affecting our emotional stability.

We unconsciously associate thinning hair with the end of youth, vitality, attractiveness and desirability, that is, inevitable aging. We feel frustrated that we can no longer style our hair the way we would like and take time and trouble for camouflaging thinning hair. Receding hairline substantially changes a person’s appearance by shifting the balance of the face to the forehead, resulting in an aged appearance. Some people really take hair loss badly getting highly distressed about it and even fall into depression, others become jealous of people with good heads of hair because they desperately wish to have what non-bald people have. Some people become unsocialized and limit their social activities, stopping going out and avoiding seeing friends.

While doctors do not accept hair loss as a serious medical problem and continue to ignore the distress suffered by affected people, there exist ways to restore your hair growth, deal with emotional side of hair loss and raise your self esteem.
Jason Statcham

• Put the condition in perspective and determine that losing your hair will not get you down. It is not life-threatening.
• Focus your attention on ways to feel more positive about your appearance.
• Start exercising to improve your physique. This will give you more confidence, making worry less about your hair loss.
• Dress nicer. It is the simplest and infallible way to improve in appearance and raise self-confidence.
• Grow a moustache or a beard. This behavioral coping mechanism will help men to draw other people’s attention from the head and make them focus on the new accessory.
• Take action. Hair loss is not an irreversible fate and can be treated. Pharmaceutical companies have already developed hair loss treatments that counter the disruption in the growth cycle, thus coping with the problem effectively. New treatments are being looked for and are certain to come.

Don’t lose your head along with losing your hair. Empower yourself. And do not forget that bald men are perceived as more intelligent and generally have an above average sense of self-worth.

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