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How Much Does Weather Influence Us?
10 Mar. 2016

Many of us see the weather as a force that is constant yet unpredictable. Although many professions like farmers, construction workers, and pilots rely on the weather very strongly because it affects their daily routine, the everyday man will probably feel like it’s not that important, making for a good topic for conversation or simply something to be blamed or praised when important events are in order. However, the effect weather has on us is more profound, and you’ll be surprised to discover to exactly which degree.

The first major effect might be one that you’ve already considered but chalked up to no more than an excuse – that good weather brings us good mood, while bad weather brings bad mood. This is a very simple yet very important fact. While we cannot use this as a rule and claim mood changes with each change of weather, we can look at tendencies and draw a pattern. According to studies, warm temperatures and sunlight go a long way towards boosting your mood, while the opposite is true for rainy weather.

Exposure to sunlight provides us with vitamin D, one of our body’s most important building blocks. It is no coincidence that people with higher levels of vitamin D feel healthier and tend to have more spring in their step, while those who spend more time indoors often feel fatigued and uninspired. Since bad weather and the two cold seasons bring of plenty of time indoors as well as fewer opportunities to soak in that precious vitamin, we may experience vitamin deficiency and low energy on those days.

Speaking about mental health, we should also mention the link between depression and weather. Scientists have found that millions of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a condition characterized by depression, excessive eating and sleeping in the months of winter. Our well-being is also very dependent on biorhythms, which are a stable set of conditions that make up our daily routine. seasonal depressionSurprisingly, one of these conditions is sunlight. As long as the sun shines in the morning, we manage to get up when necessary, but a dark and rainy morning can set the biorhythm off balance and cause lack of sleep.

There are several more ways and links between weather and how it affects us, but these are the major ones. While it is easy to call yourself a victim and make every issue about the weather, people always have the opportunity to counteract its negative effects through exercise, spending time outside, and adjusting to changing conditions.

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