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How Steroids Affect General Health
8 Jul. 2014

anabolic steroidsAnabolic steroids are very effective for muscle growth and physical activity increase. They are also widely used for medical purposes. More often steroids are used by bodybuilders and sportsmen who need quality muscle mass, and young people who wish to look spicy and attract the attention of the opposite sex. About 1 million Americans use anabolic steroids, at that half of them are teenagers. But are they as safe and harmless as young athletes think? How steroids affect general health and are the consequences of their use reversible?

Steroids are organic compounds that are usually derivatives of sex hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which have a huge influence on human body. Today there are over 100 steroid varieties, available as both pills and injections.

For medical reasons steroids are indicated to treat cancer, AIDS, asthma, some heart diseases and endocrine dysfunction. Steroids have huge anti-inflammatory effect that promotes wound healing, edema and inflammation relief, and immune system functioning recovery. They also help controlling metabolism and blood electrolyte level. When used under the care of a physician, the risk of side effects occurrence reduces practically to zero.

Anabolic steroids which have similar to testosterone effects in the body are responsible for morphosis, especially in teenagers. They have androgenic effect related to primary and secondary sexual characters, such as voice changes, body hair growth, bones and muscles growth. As far as athletes use steroids on self-administration and in doses that exceed permissible dose in tens of times, the risk of side effects occurrence is 70%. People who use steroids on a regular basis are susceptible to hepatic cancer sevenfold, to cardiovascular diseases – tenfold, to reproductive disease – fivefold, and manifold to mental illnesses and mental disorders than people who do not use steroids.

The following are risks and health hazards related to training outsideshort-term steroids use:
Severe acne, testicular atrophy, bradyspermatism, gynecomastia, premature balding, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol level increase, unexplained aggressive behavior, prostate enlargement, hepatic decline.

Long-term steroid use may result in hepatic cirrhosis, hepatitis, neural disorders and retardation, Steroids withdrawal may lead to obesity, depression and suicidal attempts.

Supporters of steroids use consider that they do more good than harm. But having looked at the list of side effects, many of which have irreversible consequences we feel sorry for young men who succumb to peer pressure to use dangerous steroids and as a result suffer lasting damage.

Engage in ‘pure’ athletics and live a fulfilled healthy life!

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