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How to Manage Sexual Performance Anxiety
18 May. 2016

sexual performance anxietySexual activity is supposed to make people satisfied, happy and more close to their partners. But such phenomenon as sexual performance anxiety can spoil even what might have been the best sex ever. This condition can affect both sexes; however, it is more common in men. Although, women can worry about their body image or an inability to reach an orgasm, men tend to be much more afraid of not getting an erection when needed or having premature ejaculation.

Sexual performance anxiety can often develop without a man even noticing it. For example, there is a situation when a man is tired, stressed or ill and thus he cannot achieve an erection during sexual intercourse, such one-time failure might frighten him and even rob him of his self-confidence. The situation can get even worse if his partner cannot handle it carefully and reacts too emotionally. When it comes to sex, male self-esteem is quite vulnerable to any criticism and negative response. So having failed once, some men can develop the fear of sexual intercourse in the future. Thinking too much of a possible failure can make such failure come true. This anxiety can quite often cause erectile dysfunction in young adults, since their sexual self-confidence is low due to the lack of sexual experience.

Performance anxiety has nothing to do with sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or other unpleasant disorders men are so afraid of. It is a psychological rather than physiological problem; therefore, before buying ED drugs, it is worth seeing a therapist to get help with the physiological issues causing such anxiety.

Here are some tips that can help you manage your performance anxiety:

Remove the stressors creating anxiety, whether it is stress at work, in the family or relationships. managing performance anxietyStress all around you might have negative effect on your sexual performance and worsen your anxiety.
Be honest with your partner and yourself. Discussing your concerns and fears can open up a door to comfort.
Focus on your pleasure and that of your partner, do not think about erection. The whole point of sex is the pleasure it brings, so find it in those intimate things that make you close to your partner, enjoy the foreplay, sensual massage, etc.
Learn the techniques to satisfy your partner without penetration. Sexual pleasure is not only about penetration, being able to satisfy your partner in other ways besides penetration can help you feel more confident and worry less about your erection.

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