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How to Stay Healthy Among Unhealthy Friends
6 Jan. 2014

It isn’t easy to live a healthy life healthy friendsif you are surrounded by friends with unhealthy habits. People we keep company with often influence our choices and not only in adolescence. Lucky are those whose friends care about healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and exercise.

Of course no one will suggest you to forsake old friends, if they restrain you, and find new ones. Here are some good things for you to do to stop them thwart your goals:

Set a goal and cling to it. It is vital to keep the goal in your head while attempting to lose some weight or just be healthy. Probably you want to prevent a disease like diabetes or infarction that is inherent in the family. Or you just want to look sexier in a new pair of jeans. Whichever your reason is, it is up to you and you must keep it in mind all the time. Keep your eye on the ball and don’t allow your company to thwart your goals.

Be a leader, not a follower. This is especially tough but sometimes you must be the one who takes the lead. At first you may be surprised that some of your friends will follow you. For example, be the one who chooses the place to dine out to know healthy options are available. In case someone else chooses the restaurant and it is not to your liking, simply ask that friend kindly to reconsider the restaurant. If you have a fitness class you don’t want to miss – attend it! You may even invite your friends to join you. It may be tough especially when the majority of friends don’t share your point of view. But bear in mind, you must stay focused on your goal.playing

Plan ahead for troublesome situations. If your friends like going out in the evenings for happy hour that always ends in ordering bar appetizers, you must be prepared. Take an easy snack (for example, a fistful of almonds and some fruit) beforehand. It will help you resist the bar food easier. If you are invited to someone’s place for dinner and you know that the hosts tend to forget about vegetables, propose to bring a vegetable salad with you. If you are keen movie-goers and there is a tradition to buy large popcorn there, pop your own at home and take it with you. Your friends may like the taste and of course they will be happy to save some money.

Invent new ways of spending leisure time together. Go out with friends to places where food and drinks are not the main focus. Go to a museum, exhibition, movies (just don’t forget the home-made popcorn) or think of some other cultural activity in your neighborhood. Fix the meeting at a beauty spa for manicure, haircut or a spa treatment. Find a cause you all care about and start a charity work. Use your intelligence and you’ll see there are lots of ways to hang around excluding restaurants and bars.

No matter how your friends react to the new you, be yourself. Moreover, it is never late to make new friends (for example, through yoga or fitness classes) if your company is deeply split over.

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