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Important Things to Know About Your Underwear
16 Jul. 2014

underwearFor most men, their underwear is not something they attach great importance to. Most adult men have a certain kind of underwear that they prefer and stick with it their whole life. However, very few of them understand that choosing the right underwear shouldn’t be a momentary decision. Picking suitable underwear is important both for health and aesthetic reasons, and hopefully this article will provide you with useful and up-to-date information about male underwear and how to choose the right pair.

Before proceeding to the choosing process, it can be beneficial to learn about the different types of men’s underwear. The first type we should mention is briefs. This type is the most prevalent and most common throughout the world. Briefs can be both low-rise and full-rise. The former are smaller, covering the bare essentials in the front and leaving room to breathe, whereas full-rise briefs are much more conservative. Though practical, briefs are not considered fashionable or popular by modern standards.

The next type of underwear that must be mentioned is the boxer shorts. These thin, roomy shorts commonly referred to as “boxers” have been around since the 50’s and have certainly become popular in millions of households. Boxers have their own varieties, such as trunks and boxer briefs, which apply different qualities and appeal to a greater populace.

While they are rarely worn outside of sporting events, jocks have also made their way into mainstream culture. Jocks are quite similar to briefs in look, but in reality expose even more skin and provide special coverage and protection to those who need it. Thongs and bikinis are two more examples of rarely-worn male underwear, and this is probably due to the social stigma attached to males dressing so skimpily.

Now that you know about the different types of underwear, you can choose the one most comfortable for you and best compatible with your body shape. You might not notice it, but material is another important factor influencing how comfortable underwear seems to you. Cotton is the most common material used, mainly due to its softness and versatility. Flannel and wool are good materials for low temperatures, mostly used in thermal underwear. When it comes to sport, spandex is the dominating material, stretching around the body and providing great flexibility. For fancier and more luxurious underwear, silk and nylon are usually used.male fertility

However, you shouldn’t base your choice just on the way you want your underwear to look. Underwear can have an affect the men’s fertility, which is why you should choose wisely before you go shopping for new underwear. The thing is underwear that is hugging your body too tightly or if the underwear is made from materials that are too insulating, it will keep your nether regions too hot. This will reduce your sperm count, since testicles function properly only when they are a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body. Therefore, if you wish not only to look good, but also to be completely healthy, take this fact into consideration.

If you consider all of this information as well as your personal preferences and characteristics, you will no doubt be able to find underwear that both suits you perfectly, keeps you healthy, and gives off the right image.

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