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Is it true that married men live a healthier life?
9 Jun. 2014

happy married coupleThere are hundreds of factors that can impact the state of a man’s health. One of the most surprising is marriage. Nowadays, the whole institution of marriage has undergone some changes. Some couples live and love together without ever getting married, while others do say their “I do’s” and get divorced soon after. However, when the couple does manage to preserve their love and have a marriage full of love, understanding, and happiness, the state of their health can also benefit.  In fact, studies have shown that married men tend to live much healthier and longer lives than those who are single.

Many studies have been done over the last 50 years to determine the impact that marriage and relationships have on an individual’s health. These studies have resulted in some shocking and surprising results. Not only do married men have better health, but the longer the marriage lasts, the better the man’s health and the longer his life.

Some studies have also been done to determine whether living together has the same positive effect on a man’s health. The results have shown that men who live with their partner without ever getting married are generally healthier than those men who are single. At the same time, these men have worse health than the men who are officially married. Good and bad marriages also had different results. A stressful and loveless marriage had absolutely no benefit for the health. On the contrary, it even damaged it.single

So, how exactly does marriage affect a man’s health? There is a biological, psychological, and behavioral explanation. Biologically, most illnesses, nowadays, are caused by stress. A happy marriage full of love and support decreases the man’s level of stress and keeps him and his heart healthier. Behaviorally, marriage promotes healthier behaviors and better decisions.

Married men tend to eat more nutritious food, quit smoking, decrease their alcohol intake, and take better care when they are sick. Having a child can also do a lot for a man’s desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and say no to risky or unhealthy activities. Psychologically, marriage keeps men happier, and thus – healthier. Unmarried men are more likely to experience depression, loneliness, and social isolation, three things that can lead to a shorter life. In fact, men who are socially isolated have 82% higher risk of heart failure or heart attack than men who are in loving relationships.

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