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Milk Products Improve Mentality
18 Feb. 2014

drinking milkA group of Australian and American scientists came to conclusion that milk products consumption by adults on a more frequent basis than once every week promotes memory and mental agility improvement. Daily consumption of milk products has a good influence on cognitive brain functions such as memory, concentration, psychomotor coordination, speech, intellection, orientation and planning.

More than 900 adult volunteers took part in the investigation, in which they were tested for visuospatial performance, memory, intellection, ability to plan and organize. Those people who consumed milk products very seldom or had entirely excluded them from their ration turned out to show subaverage results.

More than one third of the investigation participants reported about daily consumption of milk products; about half of them declared that they consume milk products from 2 to 6 times a week. The most popular product was cheese. It turned out that cheese was eaten 2-4 times a week. Almost one third of the investigation participants confessed to have drunk at least two glasses of skim or nonfat milk.

Scientists say this is the first investigation that elicited connection between milk products consumption and cognitive functions levels. They claim milk food is a good aid in preventive care of cognitive functions age-related decline and recommend to include them to everyday ration.family drinks milk

A psychologist -epidemiologist Merrill F. Elias confirms the well-known facts about milk products benefits. Calcium, whey protein, vitamin D and magnesium found in them play a significant role in weight reduction, hypertension and diabetes risk. He also says that scientists have established that milk products consumption has a positive effect on cognitive functions.

Basing on the investigation results, scientists have come to the conclusion that milk products are wholesome not only for children but for adults as well. Therefore, they recommend adding them regularly to the whole family food ration.

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