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Nine Foods to Promote Metabolism Naturally
14 Mar. 2014

The most common cause of metabolic disorder that leads to obesity is unhealthy diet. Here is the list of products to help you cope with the disorder. Adding them into your daily ration will increase your body’s fat burning power and help you get slim.

Egg whites. Eggs are full of proteins and vitamin D. moreover they are rich in branched-chain aminolean meat acids that keep metabolism active.

Lean meats. Deficiency of iron in the organism can slow metabolism.  Lean meats are full of this mineral, that’s why daily serving of iron-rich chicken or turkey will have a positive effect on your metabolism. Moreover, turkey is rich in B vitamins.

Jalapenos. This sort of chili pepper contains capsaicin, a chemical compound that boosts metabolism. After the pepper consumption capsaicin makes our body actively burn calories. It happens due to heart rhythm acceleration and metabolic processes increase. It is also a rich source of vitamin C.Coffee. Just one cup of coffee increases metabolic rate by 3-4%. For better results, one should drink freshly cooked natural caffeinated coffee. The recent study findings revealed in Physiology &Behavior showed that metabolic rate of people who drank natural caffeinated coffee was 16% Green tea higher than those who drank instant decaffeinated coffee.

Green tea. This drink contains EGCG, a plant compound that promotes burning of fat. A cup of green tea in the morning activates metabolic processes. It suppresses appetite, brisks up the work of GIT and assists digestion. Moreover, green tea normalizes the glucose level in the blood and thanks to pectins relieves from feeling of heaviness in the stomach,  decreases blood cholesterol level and neutralizes harmful fats.

Milk products. Calcium deficiency is a real threat to good metabolism. Ignoring milk products we can provoke the production of calcitriol, a hormone that slows down the processing and removal of fats. Choose low-fat milk products. Fat content doesn’t influence metabolism, however there is no point to overload our body with superfluous calories.

Lentils. It is rich in minerals as magnesium, potassium and iron, which furthers insulinlike activity in metabolism.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal, the same as brown rice and high-fiber bread, contains fat-soluble dietary fiber, which takes time to be digested by our organism. Oatmeal stabilizes insulin level and promotes metabolism.Apples

Apples. It is a fat-burning product. Apples are necessary for good overall health, moreover they speed up metabolism. Eat several apples a day to keep fit.

Remember that certain foods exert high thermogenic effect, so you can burn calories while chewing. Others can boost your metabolism due to compounds and nutrients they contain. Feed your metabolism with these, but keep in mind that overeating as well as inadequate dietary intake has detrimental effect on metabolism. Besides quantity of foods, one   must be careful about their quality. Restrict consumption of foods with high content of animal fat, simple carbohydrates (sweets and pastry), chemical additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers – all of them undermine metabolism and cause obesity.

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