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Do you eat your food for energy?
14 Jul. 2014

energizerIt is a well-known fact that our body needs energy to be able to function. The only trustworthy source of energy is carbohydrates. However, what many people fail to realize is that there are two types of carbohydrates: the fast and the slow carbs. The fast carbohydrates are absorbed very quickly, providing instant energy, but also causing the blood sugar level to spike and then quickly drop. This causes one to get hungry quicker, eat more, and gain weight. It can also lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Bread, potatoes, candies, milk chocolate, etc. are all quick carbohydrates. The slow, carbohydrates, on the other hand, take a while to get absorbed, thus delaying the sense of hunger and keeping the body healthy. Slow carbohydrates are the healthiest source of energy for the body. Read more…

The link between sexual problems and headaches in women
12 Jul. 2014

woman-with-headacheHeadaches in women have long stood between couples and sex, and now there is an actual scientific explanation for it. Several studies have been done by medical universities and they have all shown that there is a direct link between intense or chronic headaches and problems in sex life. The study involved 100 forty-year old women who were suffering from chronic headaches or migraines. Their medical histories were thoroughly analyzed and a neurological exam was performed. Interestingly enough, 90% of them reported having serious sexual problems. More specifically, they admitted to having a decreased sexual desire. Those women who have been suffering from headaches for a long period of time (29% of all women in the study) have reported feeling
an increased amount of stress associated with sex. Read more…

8 weird tips for weight loss – INFOGRAPHIC
11 Jul. 2014

As of today, obesity and overweight have become quite a common disorder; therefore, many people are concerned with the ways that can help lose excess weight. And, in addition to those who are diagnosed with obesity, there are such people who just don’t like their current weight and want to lose some of it to look more beautiful. So, the question about how to get rid of the unwanted fat tissue to improve one’s health and looks is quite an important one.

We all know the basics of all weight loss methods – healthy diet with reduction of calorie intake and regular exercises. Nevertheless, there are some weird weight-loss tricks that are claimed to promote weight loss. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. For example, the researchers from the Wheeling Jesuit University have discovered that regular whiffs of peppermint oil can considerably lower the hunger levels leading to the decrease in calorie intake. Another strange tip suggests eating in a company of a man, as a study has shown that both men and women tend to eat less if they are having their meal together with a man. At the moment, there is no actual explanation for this phenomenon.

For more weight-loss tips check the infographic shown below. Read more…

Being Obese and famous!
10 Jul. 2014

Bill ClintonBill Clinton

Before he became a celebrity in his own right, former president Bill Clinton had his brush with obesity.  As a school kid growing up, Bill was known as “The fat kid”. His overweight issues stemmed from his unusual love for fast food. The former president recalls being bullied and ridiculed and even punched in the face by a 6-foot tall kid. It was fast foods which lead to Clinton’s needing quadruple bypass surgery in 2004. He has managed diet and his weight loss ever since. Read more…

Dangers of Underdone Meat
9 Jul. 2014

undercooked burgerLike your burgers on the raw side? Salmonella, E.Coli, intestinal parasites found in raw meat may give you a raw deal.

Undercooked hamburger meat, cooked outdoors on the grill or served in restaurants, may contain dangerous to health bacteria and parasites, which can spread from person to person. Thus you get Escherichia coli, the infection, which causes abdominal cramps, diarrhea and even kidney failure. Every year over 20,000 cases of E.Coli infection are registered in the US, among which about 500 cases are lethal. Three fourths of all the cases are directly related to underdone ground beef. Read more…

How Steroids Affect General Health
8 Jul. 2014

anabolic steroidsAnabolic steroids are very effective for muscle growth and physical activity increase. They are also widely used for medical purposes. More often steroids are used by bodybuilders and sportsmen who need quality muscle mass, and young people who wish to look spicy and attract the attention of the opposite sex. About 1 million Americans use anabolic steroids, at that half of them are teenagers. But are they as safe and harmless as young athletes think? How steroids affect general health and are the consequences of their use reversible?

Steroids are organic compounds that are usually derivatives of sex hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, which have a huge influence on human body. Today there are over 100 steroid varieties, available as both pills and injections. Read more…

How to enjoy your summer vacations safely
7 Jul. 2014

Heart AttackIt is known that strokes and heart attacks occur at almost twice the rate in hot weather compared with cool to moderate weather. In 2010 about 200 people died of weather anomaly in Europe and it could be that those people had simply to go to work.

The ground rule for hot weather is known to everyone – to stay at home and not to go out. For this case working people with cardiovascular diseases need a sick-leave. Those who cannot take a sick day must follow simple rules of behavior in extreme heat. Extreme heat is defined as summertime temperature that is substantially hotter and more humid than average for particular location at certain time of year. Extreme heat is dangerous to people with cardio-vascular and endocrine system diseases above all, to those who suffer from kidney or adrenal diseases and to too thin and senior citizens as well. It is better to take a leave for them and shelter themselves from the weather in the shade of trees in the country. Read more…

Celebrities Who Quit Smoking
5 Jul. 2014

According to American Heart Association, smoking is one of the world’s biggest killer. Aside from the increased risk of strokes and heart diseases, it leads to cancer. The fact that it is terribly addictive makes this vicious habit hard to break, even for celebrities.Barack Obama

Here we reveal 5 stars who quit smoking and their quit methods, which might help you kick the habit as well.

Barack Obama. The current US president started smoking in his teenage years. He started fighting this bad habit in 2007 and this struggle is still ongoing. He chews Nicorette when cravings for a smoke come on. Besides releasing small amounts of nicotine into the body, the gum gives your mouth something to do other than smoking a cigarette. Although Obama sometimes slips up, he passed an anti-smoking bill  in 2009 to prevent future generations from picking up the habit. Read more…

Acne: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
3 Jul. 2014

acne causesAcne is a skin disease that mainly affects teenagers during hormonal changes. However there can be more reasons behind the condition. For instance, acne may signal the beginning of polycystic ovarian syndrome among women or some other health problem. Therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor before self-administration.

The condition usually manifests itself as pimples or ‘zits’, including blackheads, white heads, small bumps and nodules, and reddish, inflamed patches of skin (cysts), which occur as a result of clogging of pores due to excessive sebum production. Acne usually occurs at almost twice the rate in men compared with women, and generally appears on face, shoulders, chest and back – the sites of oil glands. Less often it may occur on the arms, trunk, legs and buttocks. Read more…

Beer Belly and Other After-Effects of Excessive Beer Intake
2 Jul. 2014

drinking beerMany men think that beer is a health friendly product, which in no way is telling on their health. However it is far otherwise.

Beer contains a lot of harmful substances that have a detrimental effect on men’s health. Moreover, beer has a double ill-effect on men. First and foremost, when consumed daily, beer inhibits testosterone production. Second, it contains phytoestrogens – analogues of female sex hormones. So, the production of male sex hormone is inhibited, whereas the production of female sex hormones is increased. Thus, beer strikes a double blow at endocrine system.

Subsequent to endocrine system changes there take place outward changes. Read more…



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