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Constipation: 6 Surprising Causes
25 Jan. 2016

causes of constipationConstipation is a condition when one does not pass stools regularly and has fewer than 3 bowel movements per week. It is a quite common disorder and, according to statistics, it occurs most often in young children and the elderly. Annually, constipation accounts for about 2.5 million visits to physicians and 20,000 hospitalizations.

So what causes this unpleasant condition? Almost all people experience constipation while traveling, when under stress or after a surgery. Such types of constipation usually go away when a person returns to his or her routine and are not considered a disorder. Read more…

Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis
23 Jan. 2016

atherosclerosisAtherosclerosis is a condition characterized by the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques in the inner walls of the arteries. Such plaques narrow the lumen of the arteries and thus prevent blood flow and oxygen supply to the body tissues. Atherosclerosis can affect the arteries anywhere in the body, but it is most dangerous when it affects the coronary arteries and those arteries that feed the brain. Therefore, it is vitally important to know the risk factors for this disease and do everything possible to reduce the chances of developing it.

Risk factors for atherosclerosis are divided into two main groups – modifiable (those that can be changed) and non-modifiable ones. Read more…

Lump in the Armpit: Should You Worry?
19 Jan. 2016

lump in the armpitOnce in a while, some people may find lumps in their armpits. Such lumps can be either a sign of a relatively harmless condition or a symptom of a dangerous disease. Armpit lump is quite a common complaint; tenderness in the armpit as well as reduced motor activity of the arm – it’s the combination that makes it impossible to stand the discomfort and pain caused by a lump for too long waiting until it fades away on its own. So, what are the causes of armpit lumps and are such lumps dangerous?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Armpit lumps can occur during pregnancy due to the natural hormonal changes happening in the female body. Read more…

Complications of Hypothyroidism in Women
15 Jan. 2016

complications of thyroid problemThyroid is the small, but most important endocrine gland, which produces hormones to regulate metabolism and growth.  These hormones influence many organs and if the thyroid gland doesn’t function well, it affects all bodily functions, having the greatest impact on cardiovascular health, weight, fertility, memory and kidneys.

The most common thyroid disorder is hypothyroidism, when the gland produces too little hormones. The disorder affects about 10% women, increasing with age. The disease develops slowly, over a number of years, producing symptoms, which can be attributed to getting older, such as fatigue or weight gain. Read more…

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Sexual Dysfunction
12 Jan. 2016

Irritable bowel syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a rather common condition characterized, despite the absence of any pathological changes in the internal organs, by attacks of acute and severe pains in the abdomen accompanied with diarrhea, bloating or constipation. Some people with this condition can have other non-digestive symptoms, for example, urination disorders (urgent need to urinate, trouble emptying the bladder, etc.).

According to current estimates, this syndrome affects from 10% to 20% of people aged 20-40 years old with women suffering from IBS more often than men and tending to develop more severe forms of this condition. Read more…

Why Do We Bite Our Nails?
9 Jan. 2016

why do bite our nailsNail biting is an unpretty, unhygienic, and if you overdo it, it can also be quite a painful habit. It is rather common among both children and grown-ups, there is even a special medical term for excessive nail biting – onychophagia.

So why do people bite their nails? Scientists still do not know what makes people do it. Some researchers claim that this habit is hereditary, while others say that it is a learned habit. Although, there is a bunch of theories trying to explain nail biting. Read more…

Lupin Limited – Pharmaceutical Company
5 Jan. 2016

Lupin Limited pharmaceutical companyLupin Limited based in Mumbai, India, was founded in 1968 and since then it has grown vigorously and become a transnational pharmaceutical company. It is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality medications that participates in the development and promotion of many active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), brand name and generic drugs.

Lupin Limited has research-and-development centers in India, Japan and the United States with over 1,400 scientists developing new chemical and herbal substances, creating brand new medications and generic drugs. The company’s products are exported to over 70 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Read more…

Health Benefits of Sitting Down to Pee
3 Jan. 2016

sitting down to peeWhile the anatomy and physiology of male urogenital tract favors them to pee standing, the new sitting-while-urinating method is becoming quite common amongst men. In fact, there are presently around 1/3 of men who choose sitting down to pee and this is not only in the name of cleanliness but health as well.

Reasons why men should consider sitting down to pee over standing form quite a reasonable logic chain:

• Sitting down to pee is definitely more hygienic as it prevents urine splatter. Read more…

Do I Have Parasites?
29 Dec. 2015

signs of having parasitesParasites or nasty little organisms that live in the intestines can be very dangerous because they feed off human cells and tissues and produce toxic waste. Parasites can easily get into the body through contaminated food, water or contact with infected feces through contaminated soil. They can also affect the human body through poor hygiene and sanitation, weak immunity and handling animals. Once a person is infected with parasites, he becomes contagious and can easily pass it to other people.

Today medical science is aware of around 250 types of parasites living in the human bodies and successfully developing there. Read more…

Thyroid Problems
26 Dec. 2015

thyroid-problemsThyroid gland secretes hormones that influence nearly all metabolic processes in the body and regulate body temperature, energy, the body’s use of vitamins and other hormones as well as the growth and maturation of body tissues. Thyroid problems, ranging from harmless goiter to fatal cancer, are the result of abnormal secretion of thyroid hormones. It can be either the excessive production called hyperthyroidism, or insufficient production called hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism can occur due to several reasons: Graves’s disease, toxic adenomas, subacute thyroiditis, pituitary gland malfunction and malignant growths in the thyroid gland. Read more…



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