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21 Dec. 2015

Dehydration Our body is composed of up to 60% of water. When the amount of water drops below the level necessary for normal body function, the person gets dehydrated.

Dehydration is a condition that refers to a deficit of total body water, which happens when a person loses more fluid than he takes in, depriving the body of the possibility to carry out its normal functions.

Small decreases in body fluids (not to mix with loss of blood volume) usually don’t cause any problems and may go completely unnoticed. But ignoring thirst and not drinking enough to replace the lost fluids can make a person sick, causing: Read more…

Kegel Exercises for Men
18 Dec. 2015

kegel exercises for men's sexual healthFor thousands of years, people have used sport and exercise as their prime instrument for staying healthy. In the early days of mankind, men had to be strong to hunt and protect themselves, while women were also advised to stay fit in order to bear children and do work around the house. Today, we obviously know that exercise has so many other uses and that many people are quite restricted in their understanding of exercise, and even fewer are aware that it can even come in a form as atypical as Kegels. The Kegel exercise is a popular form of physical training focused on muscles in the pelvic region. The history of these exercises dates back to 1948 when an American gynecologist named Arnold Kegel came up with a revolutionary new way for women to control incontinence, which doesn’t require surgery. Read more…

Why is Appendicitis Dangerous?
14 Dec. 2015

AppendicitisOf the many health issues we commonly experience in our lives, stomach problems make up a very large portion of the total. How, what, and when we eat is extremely important, and there are so many things that can cause problems of this kind. However, while you can adjust your diet and eating regimen to avoid most stomach issues, there is no way to prevent appendicitis. This is one of the most dangerous problems in this category because it occurs so suddenly and requires emergency care, or the consequences can be severe. Appendicitis can be simply described as an inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is a 3 ½ inch tube between the small and large intestines whose exact function we have not yet pinned down. Read more…

Essential Vitamins for Men’s Health
8 Dec. 2015

vitamins for men's healthOur bodies require a number of nutrients and vitamins in order to function properly. The majority of these essential vitamins come from food, but unfortunately, not all of us consume enough fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. If you want to avoid erectile dysfunction and many other men’s health problems, you should pay attention to your diet and take additional supplements when necessary.

Prevention is the best treatment
It’s not surprising that having a healthy diet is a much better option than treating various health problems as a result of your poor choices. Some of the most valuable vitamins for prevention of men’s health problems include: Read more…

Risk Factors of Early Menopause
5 Dec. 2015

early menopauseMenopause is an important period in the life of every woman when menstruations stop permanently due to the decrease in the production of hormones by the ovaries. While this process should happen later in life, it may still occur at a younger age due to certain health issues, cancer treatment or removal of the ovaries. Menopause can be considered premature when it occurs before a woman turns forty.

What are the possible causes of early menopause?
Any health issue or surgery that disrupts the natural production of estrogen or damages the tissue of the ovaries can lead to early menopause regardless of the female age. Read more…

How Parasites affect Your Weight
2 Dec. 2015

parasiteIf you have tried to lose weight but all your efforts are for nothing, that is probably because of parasites living in your intestines sabotaging your nutrition and health.

Parasites are anything living in the body at the expense of the host. These can be worms, bacteria, fungi or viruses. They cannot produce energy or food and therefore need a host body to survive. There are over 100 parasites known and more than one can live in one body at a time.

According to the WHO, about 3.5 billion people suffer from some type of parasitic infection. Read more…

Binge Eating Disorder
28 Nov. 2015

binge eating disorderBinge eating disorder (BED) is characterized by compulsive overeating without subsequent purging episodes that are more specific to bulimic behavior. It is the most spread eating disorder in the USA. About 5.6 million women and 3.1 million men have it. Adolescents are not an exception – up to 1.6% of teenagers are currently diagnosed with this disorder.

Every one of us sometimes overeats on occasion. But when you feel that you can’t stop eating, even when you are uncomfortably full, is something different, especially when this becomes a natural occurrence. Read more…

Hair Styles That May Cause Hair Loss
23 Nov. 2015

Man-BunThey say loosing around 100 hair strands a day is normal and that the number of hair follicles on the scalp progressively reduces with age. Nevertheless, if you notice clumps of hair falling out, strands of hair sticking on the clothes after combing or styling, and your hairline receding, it is clearly a reason to raise an alarm. And while the most causes of hair loss are hereditary and require separate treatment, such as generic Finasteride, certain hairstyles can also contribute to it.

Here are the 4 most popular and convenient hairstyles that may cause hair loss, and namely traction alopecia. Read more…

Food Addiction
18 Nov. 2015

food addictionFood addiction is a form of behavioral addiction that involves a compulsive over-consumption of highly palatable foods, i.e. foods rich in sugar, salt or fat. The pleasure and reward centers in the brain, which are triggered by addictive drugs, are also activated by food.  High-fat, salty or sugary foods trigger the feel-good chemicals in the brain as dopamine. Once people feel pleasure in eating certain foods due to increased dopamine transmission in the reward pathway in the brain, they soon want to eat again.

Reward signals of dopamine neurons from foods may often override other brain signals of satiety and fullness. Read more…

The Fear of Sexual Intercourse
14 Nov. 2015

Sexual aversion disorderSexual aversion disorder (SAD) is a phobic avoidance of sexual contact with a partner and lack of sexual enjoyment, which causes personal distress. It is the most recent form of sexual disorders, first appearing in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1987.

SAD is the most severe form of sexual desire disorder, which involves a morbid fear of sexual relations and intense desire to completely avoid intimate situations. Sexual aversion can also encompass revulsion, shortness of breath and nausea. It is often related to an aversion to the opposite sex’s genitals or repulsion to their outward looks or smell. Read more…



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