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Migraine and the Risk for Stroke
10 Nov. 2015

strokeMigraine is a rather common chronic neurologic disorder which is often inherited. Migraine can be a real disaster for those who are suffering from it. It deprives a person of the ability to move, function and even think. Its symptoms are so severe and evident that it’s near to impossible to confuse migraine with a simple headache. And, in spite of it being the most common type of headache, it still remains untreatable. Even provided that the treatment is 100% right for the patient, it still cannot cure the disorder, it can only help relieve the signs of migraine for a certain period of time.

In recent years another migraine-related issue has drawn the attention of researchers – is migraine a risk factor for stroke? Read more…

Circumcision: Does It Affect Men’s Intimate Life?
5 Nov. 2015

circumcisionCircumcision is a surgical resection of the foreskin of the penis, typically performed on infants. Roughly one third of all men in the world are circumcised for cultural, religious, medical, personal preference and other reasons. Circumcision is believed to be a simple, rapid operation and is thought to improve public health by reducing transmissions of infections and protecting against HIV.

Circumcision dates back to the Victorian age when these operations were performed to make it more difficult for boys to masturbate. At those times masturbation was blamed for many problems, including typhus and mental illness. Read more…

Causes of Testicular Pain
29 Oct. 2015

testicular painMale testicles have rather complex structure – spermatic cords and ducts, veins and arteries, testicular appendages. Such structure determines the variety of causes of different problems. Any part of the testicle can be damaged due to various reasons. Usually, it’s rather difficult to give a quick and definite answer to the question why the testicles hurt. In any case, the problem will not go unnoticed and disappear on its own. It’s very important to identify the cause of the pain and eliminate it in order to maintain the normal function of this organ, painkillers are not the solution. Here are some of the most common causes of testicular pain. Read more…

Foods that Lower Estrogen Levels
23 Oct. 2015

food to lower estrogen levels

Estrogens are female sex hormones, they are responsible for the development of the female reproductive system, menstrual cycle, ability to conceive and other body functions. In menopause, estrogen levels drop naturally and women can experience unpleasant symptoms so they turn to hormone replacement therapy to ease them. High levels of estrogens can cause unpleasant symptoms as well – mood swings, weight gain, headaches and breast tenderness. High estrogen levels can also increase the risk for thyroid diseases, osteoporosis and even breast cancer. Read more…

6 Ways to Prevent Infection
19 Oct. 2015

wash handsSurely, we all want to avoid any diseases; however, we often start taking measures to prevent infections when it’s too late. Therefore, we can be exposed to a disease even without knowing it. For example, someone in your family sneezes several times during dinner and you can get infected with flu at once as it becomes contagious about one day before its symptoms can be noticed. But there are some things that you can do to prevent infections.

1. Wash your hands. It’s the basic rule of personal hygiene. A lot of microbes can live up to several months on the surfaces you touch – keyboard, light switches, buttons in elevators, etc. Read more…

Low Sex Drive in Men
14 Oct. 2015

low libido in menMen who have a lower sex drive present an interesting case. If they do not want to talk about it, their significant others don’t want to discuss it either. A woman starts to assume she might be not sufficiently attractive to stir his passions since a man is supposed to want it all the time, right? Maybe that is not the cast. Nevertheless, this problem is real, and it can be caused by a myriad of factors. Let`s discuss some of them.

Hormone Imbalance
Sex drive in men is directly connected to a man`s testosterone levels. Hence, low testosterone levels, a form of hormonal imbalance, can cause low sex drive. Read more…

Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure
9 Oct. 2015

how to lower high blood pressureNowadays, high blood pressure is one of the most common conditions. People are under great physical and emotional loads – they work way too much and get stressed at work, eat unhealthy foods, drink and smoke too much, many of them lead a sedentary lifestyle. All this plus other risk factors for high blood pressure like family history creates beneficial conditions for the development of this disease.

Hypertension symptoms are not so evident as in the case of other diseases and it considerably increases the risks for heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.; therefore, it’s often referred to as a “silent killer”. Read more…

Vaginal Odor: When to See Your Gynecologist
5 Oct. 2015

vaginal odorThere is a misconception that vagina is odorless. In fact it does have a smell as with everything else on our body. Everything we consume, from food and drinks to medications and alcohol, change our vaginal secretions. If you are concerned about your odor try to drink more water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (with the exception of cabbage family as they contain sulfur compounds that can give a distinctive ill odor), cut back on alcohol as it can increase sweating in the crotch and give up smoking as the smell penetrates everywhere.

Still, if the smell suddenly differs greatly from your normal odor for no apparent reason, it could indicate a problem. Read more…

5 Jobs That Ruin Men’s Health
1 Oct. 2015

Scientists of the Manchester University have made up a list of careers that negatively affect men’s basic instinct. They took into consideration not only working conditions, but the professional bad habits, stress factors of various business activities and number of divorces among their representatives as well.

The results were deplorable: almost all jobs have impact on men’s health, but some of them are making you sick without realizing it. Here are 5 jobs that are most likely to put your health at risk.jobs that affect men's health

1. Construction workers.
Falling objects and heavy machinery aren’t the only dangers of building sites. Construction workers are exposed to asbestos, small fibers of which over time build up in the lungs causing a condition called asbestosis that results in severe shortness of breath and increased risk of lung cancer. Read more…

How to Prevent Hair Loss When Losing Weight?
26 Sep. 2015

hair loss caused by weight lossHair shedding is a normal part of the hair growth cycle when hair goes into resting phase to give way to the new hair strand to grow. Normally hair grows ½ inch per month for 2 years and then goes to its resting phase. On overage we lose from 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. However physical and emotional stress from dieting can cause more hair than usual to go into the resting phase and fall out. Nutritional deficiencies due to dieting can cause hair to prematurely enter the resting phase.

There are different types of obesity and different diets for people struggling with their weight. However, the aim of all the diets is to reduce the total body mass due to the loss of fluid, body fat and lean mass. Read more…



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