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Pains that Indicate Serious Problems
13 Jul. 2015

painOften when we feel pain, we just take a painkiller, go to bed and try to get some rest or just ignore it. But pain can indicate some serious problems and processes happening in the body that threaten our health or even our life. Always pay attention to the signals your body sends to you. Usually we do have some ideas of what is behind the pain we experience. But when it comes to a sudden and severe pain or a pain that lasts for too long – it’s a good reason to see a doctor, and the sooner the better.

Acute pain between the shoulder blades
Such pain can be a sign of a heart attack. About 30% of people who survived a heart attack didn’t feel any chest pain. The pain associated with such heart disease can be accompanied by the pain in the jaw, throat, arm or shoulder, shortness of breath and nausea. As soon as you experience any of these symptoms, get medical help!

Severe headache
Severe headaches, unfortunately, are rather common, they can result from overstrain, stress or fatigue. Such pain usually goes away pretty soon once you take a painkiller. But if you’re having the worst headache you’ve ever had, it can be a sign of a brain aneurysm rupture – call an ambulance immediately. You should tell the pain caused by aneurism from the migraine pain – the latter is accompanied by nausea, increased sensitivity to light and sound, aura.

Breast painpain
Although, most women have breast pain that is related to their periods, sometimes sudden pain can be caused by benign breast conditions like mastitis. If you experience severe or persistent breast pain that is not related to the menstrual cycle, it’s better to be checked by the doctor in order to eliminate benign condition or breast cancer.

Dragging pain in the lower back
It can indicate a kidney infection. Don’t think that fever, nausea and back pain are the symptoms of indigestion; they can develop because of an infection. If untreated, such disease can result in kidney failure. The very first sign of such infection is pain during urination.

Severe pain in the right lower abdomen
This type of pain can signal an attack of appendicitis. In this case, you should immediately call an ambulance, otherwise the appendix can burst and the pus from the inflamed appendix will get into the abdominal cavity and cause peritonitis. How to understand it’s the case of appendicitis that you’re experiencing? When applying gentle pressure to the painful area and then suddenly releasing it, appendicitis pain is often felt much worse.

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