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Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc.
13 Jan. 2014

Ranbaxy PharmaceuticalsRanbaxy is a member of the Daiichi Sankyo Group. Daiichi Sankyo is a leading global innovator, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. is one of the top ten world producers of generic pharmaceuticals, as well as it is one of the largest medicines manufacturer in India. The company has production capabilities located in 8 countries. Its teams of highly-qualified experts are present in 50 countries and its products are delivered to more than 150 countries worldwide as well as in 23 of the 25 states of European Union. Nowadays Ranbaxy became an integrated multinational pharmaceutical company focused on permanent research and innovation.

Founded in 1961 Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a guarantee of quality by tradition, a brand name that has registered steady growth and recognition. Currently it has a distribution network considered the largest sales force in the pharmaceutical market, an outstanding R&D department, and state-of-the-art bioequivalence production centers functioning in strict compliance with the rules of good manufacturing practice. Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the largest acquisition to date.

Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. proves to be a flexible and dynamic company, capable to adapt to the challenges of modern economic environment, heading rapidly towards a top position worldwide, while gaining success based on solid positioning in the top markets. The engine of the company growth is the launch of new products and focus on non-prescription drugs.

The priority of the company is to offer the best quality and affordable medication to serve patients on global scale.

RanbaxyThe new research and development center of Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc.  built in Cluj, Romania is the first in Europe. The Romanian laboratory will produce generic drugs and will be performing large-scale tests on new product range. With the main purpose of introducing to the market new generic products, the testing will be performed initially on the pilot scale in order to develop analytical methods necessary to evaluate the products. Prior to Cluj investment, there were no specially designed facilities for such activities. Obviously, in order to the research in optimal conditions, dedicated facilities are required. In the next years here will be created and developed new molecules according to market requirements.

Ranbaxy has an extensive product portfolio, combined with expanded sales force. The product line has a wide range of medicines to treat a large variety of health problems including anti-infectives (Amoxicillin, Cefaclor, Cefazolin, Cefprozil, Cefuroxime, Cephalexine, Clarithromycin), antiviral agents (Acyclovir, Valacyclovir), cardiovascular (Atenolol, Atorvastatin, Benazepril, Donepezil, Enalapril, Fosinopril, Lisinopril, Hydrochlorothiazide / Lisinopril, Simvastatin), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, such as Fenoprofen, Piroxicam), antifungal medicines (Fluconazole), antidiabetic drugs (Glimepiride, Metformin), expectorants, erectile dysfunction (Sildenafil Citrate), analgesics (Gabapentin), antihistamines (Cetirizine),  gastrointestinal (Omeprazole, Metoclopramide), antipsychotic (Buspirone, Lorazepam ) and controlled substances, all of high and with a large assortment of strengths.

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