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Sauna Bathing: Health Benefits
24 Feb. 2016

health benefits of saunaSweat-inducing baths, including saunas, have proven to be effective in flushing out toxins and maintaining physical and mental health. They work by generating abundant sweating to detoxify the body and relax the mind. They also help to improve circulation of blood, strengthen the immune system, and relieve stress, all of which translate into better health. Other health benefits include:

Improved cardiovascular performance. Sauna increases the rate of blood circulation. In high temperatures of sauna when skin heats up and the body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate and cardiac output increases. The heart rate rises almost twofold and sinks to below normal after the cooling off stage. More cardiovascular conditioning happens when sessions in sauna are separated with a cool shower. This can be compared to the effect produced by moderate exercising.

Alleviation of breathing disorders. Improvements in pulmonary function that occur in sauna can provide relief to people with chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Soothing muscle and joint pain. Sauna bathing can sooth pain and improve joint mobility in people with rheumatic disease.  When under heat, the body releases endorphins, which have a tranquilizing effect. Besides diffusing pain, heat and humidity help to relax muscles, which are especially tensed after stress and exercise, helping to eliminate lactic acid.

Improvement in sleep. Sauna use results in deeper, more relaxed, better sleep. In addition to endorphins release, body temperature, which typically becomes elevated in the evening, falls at bedtime. This slow decline in endorphins is essential in facilitating sleep.

Burning off calories. The sweating process itself requires a considerable amount of energy. One sauna session can burn about 300 calories. Therefore, regular sauna use combined with diet and exercise is an end-all weight loss exercise tool.sauna benefits

Fighting off illnesses. Saunas help to create a stronger immune system and reduce the incidence of colds and flus. It helps to produce white blood cells more rapidly, which in turn help fighting against attacking infections and viruses. Heating tissues also helps boost metabolism, thanks to which cells are more capable of effectively eliminating toxins.

Relaxation and stress reduction. Our bodies, hearts and minds need time to relax. Time spent in sauna helps to relax, reduces anxiety and stress and helps patients with high blood pressure to lower it.

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