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Several Ways to Boost Metabolism Naturally
16 Jan. 2014

Metabolism, the basis of any living organism, metabolism is a set of life-sustaining chemical transformations that provide growth of cells and life sustenance. Metabolism also applies to all chemical reactions that take place in living body, including digestion and transportation of substances between different cells.

If you stint yourself in food, but don’t lose weight or even on the contrary continue to grow stout, there are signs that you have metabolic disorder.

There are several reasons for metabolic disorder: hereditary factor, organic diseases; but more often such disorders are caused by unhealthy diet. First of all, it should be mentioned that a lack of calories has a negative effect upon metabolism. Because of absence of necessary quantity of energy, the body changes into starvation mode and tries to lay up as much fat as possible. That is why long-term extreme dieting is contraindicative – metabolism simply ‘falls asleep’ and you begin to gain weight after having every extra candy.It is not an easy thing to restore normal metabolism. You’ll have to gradually increase the number of caloric intake and follow the advices given below.
Woman Eating Salad and drinking water

Eat less but more often. Long intervals between meals slow metabolism down, but eating every 2-3 hours on the contrary boosts metabolism by keeping it up.

Eat right. There a lot of products to promote metabolism: whole grains, lean meats, seafoods, fruits and vegetables. Keep to the right diet to increase your body’s fat burning power.

Drink a glass of warm water every morning to start up the metabolic processes in your body. There are no chemical reactions that occur without water. Metabolism is a chemical reaction too, that’s why water is needed to keep it constantly active.

Healthy sleep. Deep, undisturbed sleep for not less than 8 hours has rejuvenescent and revitalizing effect. Also the growth hormone somatotropin is extensively produced during sleep. It prevents fat deposition, promotes fat cells’ burn up and has a positive effect on metabolism.

Contrast shower.  One more way to speed up metabolism after awakening and to make it be active all day long is the contrast shower. taking shower

Begin with slight temperature drop – 20-30 seconds of hot water and 20-30 seconds of cold water. Repeat 2-3 times. Gradually have the water colder and colder. This way you will not only normalize your metabolism, but will improve your health and immunity, as well as reinvigorate your cardiovascular system and decrease cellulite manifestations.

Make love. Sex is a wonderful remedy not only for headaches but for metabolic disorders as well. Having sex you fill your body with oxygen, besides it is the most pleasant aerobic training of all!

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