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Sex in Married Couples: How Frequent Should It Be?
30 Dec. 2014

I'll waitMarried couples are frequently concerned about the frequency of sex. Some think they are having too much sex, others are afraid they don’t have enough of it. Anyway these are well-grounded fears, as this can easily lead to anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues and even depression or break up in relationship. Spouses often ask how frequent they should have sex and wonder how much sex is ‘healthy’.

The statistic says the frequency of sex among married couples depends on the age of the spouses. Thus, married people aged 18-29 are having sex approximately twice a week; spouses aged 30-39 make love approximately 7 times a month and couples aged 50-59 have sex less than 6 times a month. At the same time married people are having sex more often than single people. While married couples have sex over 9 times a month, singles have sex less than 6 times a month. This can be explained by the absence of the potential sex partner in bed with them every night as singles often sleep alone.

However this is only statistics and no one can tell you how much sex is good for you. Some people are happy with more frequent sex, others are happy with less frequent sex. Frequency is not important. The point is whether you and your partner are happy with the sex life you are having. If one of the partners is unhappy with it, then there are things to be considered.

First of all sexual problems can be related to aging. As couples age, the frequency of having sex is dropping steadily, about 20% per decade. Decreased libido can be conditioned by ill health, both physical and emotional, hormonal imbalance, medications taken, diminished physical attraction and corresponding lack of intimacy. With time about 15% of long-term couples fall into the category of ‘sexless marriage’. lack of sexThey are happy with once or twice a year sex. For such couples sex isn’t just as high priority as for others. The truth is that everyone is different and there is no ‘norm’ for sexual frequency.

If a couple’s sexual appetite cannot be satisfied due to impotence of one of the partners, then there is a large array of therapies and treatments to help out of the situation. Modern medicines for impotence work in elderly people as successfully as in young people. Where there is a will, there is a way. And if you and your partner are contented with infrequent sex – it is your choice. Forget how many times a week you have sex. Sex is not done for the sake of appearance, it is done for you and your partner and your mutual satisfaction from doing it. It is the enjoyment of the love making that really counts, not the frequency of doing it.

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