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Sexual life without problems
10 Mar. 2014

happy coupleSexual life is the part of men’s life that is hidden from other people but it’s the basis for happiness in marriage, for psychological and physiological satisfaction. Sex life depends on many factors, such as how well sexual partners understand each other, how they are healthy and educated. Not many people are competent in everything that concerns sex and that can lead to a failure in sexual relationship. Man should know the peculiarities of female psychology, understand female nature, as well as woman should understand male peculiarities.

Sexologists believe that the lack of awareness of the questions concerning gender relations may provoke development of various neuroses, can be bad for the person’s health, cause moral and physical sufferings,
lead to problems in sexual life, and even divorce. It’s essential to be ‘well-educated’ in this sphere of life to have good-quality sexual life.

Scientists agree that the correlation of both positive and negative emotions occurring in man-woman couples in the course of their interaction is the main basis for good sex life. This correlation should be five to one – that is there should be five positive emotions and only one negative emotion. With such a ratio the sexual life of a couple will be great. That means that sex depends not only on the partners’, let’s say, ‘literacy’ in the subject and on their health, but also on the overall relationship climate.

Psychologists have come to a paradoxical conclusion – it turns out that when we talk about the quality of sex life, it’s not about whether a man or a woman has reached an orgasm. Many people that have been interviewed describe ‘unforgettable sex’ without saying a word about orgasm. But the list of ‘unforgettable sex’ signs includes:

• Psychological intimacy between the partners;
• Delight in each other, respect;
• The ability to feel what partner needs without any words said;
• Sincerity during sex;
• The loss of sense of time;
• Sense of peace;
• Experiments during sex;
• The willingness to fully trust and give oneself up to the partner.

The causes of sex life worsening are as follows:

• Diseases;
• Sex illiteracy;
• The absence of psychological intimacy between the partners;
• Irregular sex or its absence;
• If a man fears to be compared to somebody else, to dissatisfy his partner, to try something new in bed and so on. But all these fears are unfounded; these fixations can be removed if watching some erotic videos together.

The female satisfaction should not always be associated with orgasm, but if a man has some erectile or ejaculation problems it’s worth seeing a doctor who may administer various drugs to fight these conditions, such as Vardenafil, Sildenafil Citrate or Tadalafil. All the problems you have in your sexual life can be safely entrusted to specialists; do not fear talking to sexologist, urologist or andrologist!

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