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Sunrise Remedies
17 Mar. 2014

Sunrise RemedieSunrise Remediess is one of the leading and fast emerging manufacturers of pharmaceutical and herbal medicinal products. Sunrise Remedies Private Limited was founded in 1995 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and is led by Mr. Jaman Malaviya. From a very humble beginning the company has risen to eminence in pharmaceutical business over recent 15 years.

The company deals with production, export and supply of two different medical sects’ medicinal products, those of allopathy and those of homeopathy. It occupies with pharmaceutical products and herbal formulations, including herbal remedies, cosmetics and ayurvedic preparations. It also produces pharmaceutical goods as tablets, capsules, topicas and liquid medicinal products as per international acceptance quality level. All the Sunrise Remedies’ goods are offered to the company’s wholesale customers in innovative and safe packaging.

Sunrise Remedies products
Sunrise Remedies also specializes in production of generic versions of well-established drug products, in particular popular ED drugs.  The range of generic erectile dysfunction medications is very wide. It includes Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Super P-Force pills,  Malegra oral jelly,  Tadarize and Zhewitra tablets.

Other medications the company offers for sale are Soma (for short-term muscle pain relief), Tramadol (narcotic-like pain killer), Finasteride (for benign prostatic hyperplasia and alopecia therapy), Clomiphene (fertility drug), Bupropion (atypical antidepressant and smoking-cessation aid) as well as many other world bestselling drugs for various conditions.ayurveda_treatment_herbs_oils

Sunrise Remedies spares neither trouble nor expense on research and development of herbal ayurvedic medications, natural ayurvedic drugs, herbal capsules, pills, oils and creams.

The company has modern sophisticated manufacturing facilities and is eager to cooperate with well-reputed parties for marketing.

It also offers services for manufacture of tailor-made products as per client’s specifications.

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