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The Link between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease
9 May. 2014

EDNowadays, approximately 20% of all men over the age of forty are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. This is a condition in which a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for decent sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction can damage a man’s self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, there is even more bad news – Erectile Dysfunction may be a symptom of heart disease.

Although Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease may seem like two completely different conditions, they are very closely related. In fact, one is the direct cause of the other. More specifically, men who are suffering from heart disease, often end up with erectile dysfunction as well. What’s interesting is that many men do not know that they are suffering from heart disease until they experience and get diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. That is why it is now a common practice for medical practitioners to check all of the erectile dysfunction patients for heart disease.

So, what exactly is the connection between Erectile Dysfunction and heart disease? Both conditions are caused by problems in blood circulation. Heart disease occurs when the blood vessels are blocked by plaque. The vessels harden and become narrow (atherosclerosis) and not enough blood is able to reach the heart. The penis needs blood just like the heart does. Adecent blood flow to the penis is necessary for an erection to occur. So, when the vessels get blocked up (usually they are blocked up evenly throughout the body), the blood cannot get to the heart and to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

suffering from heart diseaseThis is not just a hypothetical assessment, but a proven fact. Several scientific and medical studies have been carried out to determine whether the link between heart disease and erectile dysfunction is real.

One of the studies done in Australia analyzed the death records of 95 000 men over the age of 45. These records included the patient’s health information and lifestyle for three continuous years.  The study showed that men with ED were 60% more likely to suffer from heart disease and die within the next three years, when compared to men without erectile dysfunction. Surprisingly, men with Erectile Dysfunction and no history of heart disease were still very much at risk. Even men with mild erection problems had an increased risk of heart problems.

Fortunately, by contacting your doctor when erectile dysfunction presents itself, it is possible to diagnose heart disease early on.

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