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The Link Between Hair Loss and Dandruff
18 Feb. 2015

dandruffThere exists a link between hair loss and dandruff, but it is not necessarily a causal one. Thinning hair is about your hair and dandruff is about the skin on your scalp. However, many people who suffer from dandruff report hair loss. This can happen because what causes one condition also causes the other.

There are several reasons why dandruff develops: dry skin, adverse reactions to medications and hair lotions, skin disorders associated with seborrhea or psoriasis, poor diet, yeast sensitivity, etc. This scalp problem can exert a significant impact on the hair health and its growth as far as it causes irritation, itching and inflammation. Scratching the head because of severe hair itching, results in some hair loss due to trauma of the hair follicles. The hair is weakening from the roots and starts falling out.

Although dandruff is not considered a serious medical condition, it should be given consideration. By removing the underlying cause of the problem you can prevent hair loss. Conventional treatment with medicated shampoos may be effective, though it is better to tackle the root cause, not just the symptoms. So, when hair loss and dandruff coincide it is better to consult a trichologist or dermatologist and get some help for your hair loss too. Only specialists will give you the best advice and find the best suitable remedy for you.

Attempts at self-medication for hair loss can make the dandruff worse. Various medications for androgenic alopecia, the condition that affects millions of people worldwide, can become the cause of a lot of dandruff. For example, Minoxidil contains alcohol, which dries the scalp out and can cause a side effect as dandruff-like flaking. In it its turn, the hair loss pills Finasteride do not cause flaking.

In spite of the fact that thinning hair and dandruff do not share the same cause, it is clearly seen that one condition may bring about the other. If left untreated dandruff may become so itchy and inflamed that it can lead to temporary hair loss. The silver lining is that if you have dandruff, it means that you have hair as dandruff stays in areas where there is hair. Once you have treated your scalp, the hair will grow back and the right hair loss medication will come to your aid.

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