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Vasectomy as a Birth Control Method
11 May. 2016

VasectomyVasectomy is a form of permanent male sterilization. It’s done to prevent the sperm from getting into the seminal fluid secreted during sexual intercourse by blocking the vas deferens (sperm tube) from each testicle. During this procedure, two vasa deferentia are cut, their small parts are removed and then they are sealed with stitches. After the surgery, the testes continue making sperm, but they are absorbed by the body instead of getting into the semen.

How effective is vasectomy?
As of today, vasectomy is considered the most effective birth control method for men. According to statistics, out of 2000 males who have had vasectomy only one man can get a woman pregnant during the rest of his life.  However, it’s essential to take into account that the desired protection against pregnancy isn’t obtained immediately after this procedure. Even in several months, the seminal fluid can contain fertile sperm produced before the blockage of the vasa deferentia, therefore, doctors recommend using other contraception methods until the follow-up test confirms that the sperm count is zero. In very rare cases, a spontaneous reconnection of the tubes can happen that allows the sperm to get into the semen again.

Can vasectomy be reversed?
Yes, the procedure is called vasectomy reversal. During this microsurgical intervention, the cut ends of the vasa deferentia are reattached and that provides the pathway for the semen to get into seminal fluid again. The success of vasectomy reversal depends on the time elapsed since sterilization – the more time has passed the lower the chances to restore fertility are.fertility Infertility is a rather frequent problem in men who have undergone vasectomy because circumstances can change resulting in reconsideration of situations previously believed to be irreversible. Therefore, medical professionals recommend considering vasectomy as a permanent and not temporary method of contraception.

Despite the widespread concerns of many men vasectomy doesn’t affect sexual desire and erection, it cannot cause erectile dysfunction. The characteristics and amount of ejaculate don’t change as well, the only difference is that after vasectomy it contains no spermatozoa. It’s also important to remember that vasectomy cannot protect a man from any sexually transmitted disease.

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