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Weight Loss Resistance
11 Sep. 2015

weight loss resistanceSome people never seem to lose weight, no matter how hard they try. For such people, the never-ending battle with excessive weight, feels like punishment, both physical and emotional. Weight loss resistance, a condition that explains this phenomenon, occurs when a person has a metabolic/ hormonal imbalance that makes weight loss almost impossible, despite following the strictest diet and working out in the gym.

Primary Systemic Imbalances Causing Weight Loss Resistance
Five major systemic imbalances can cause weight loss resistance. They are:

• Diverse forms of hormonal imbalance: hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, cortisol overwhelm, estrogen dominance, etc.
• Digestive imbalance
• Weakened detoxification
• Neurotransmitter imbalance
• Systemic inflammation

In this article, we want to focus on major hormonal imbalances that are the most likely perpetrators when it comes to your reduced ability to lose weight and how you can tackle them.

Estrogen overload
The female hormone that gives women beauty and fertility, estrogen is also present in men, but at far lesser amounts. A fat storage hormone #1, estrogen is putting both women and men at risk of obesity should they have estrogen overload. In recent years, it has been proved that the fat tissues, also known as adipose tissues, are producing estrogens as well.

To fight this vicious circle, enhance your fiber consumption to 35-50 grams per day (equivalent to a pound of vegs). The fiber from the vegs can help excrete estrogen.

Insulin Resistance
When you are already overweight, or you have regular weight but a higher share of fat mass, insulin becomes imbalanced resulting in blood sugar spikes. Consequently, your body stores yet more fat since your glucose regulation is damaged.

There are many proven ways to retune your insulin. A recent study shows that taking two spoons of apple vinegar before a meal will reduce blood glucose level in people prone to insulin resistance. Other ways to reset insulin include restricting sugar intake and using artificial sweeteners.

Cortisol Overwhelm
You produce cortisol in response to stress and depression. In response to higher cortisol, you overeat the wrong foods like sweets and pizza resulting in weight gain, especially in the belly area.stress eating

To regulate your cortisol, you need to cut your caffeine intake. Try to eliminate caffeine from your diet for three days, and you will notice how your stress levels improve. There are other ways to tackle cortisol but kick the caffeine first.

Increasingly more people struggle with weight issues caused by hormone and other systemic imbalances. To boost metabolism and regain control of your weight, you need to tackle the underlying reason for your respective systemic imbalance as opposed to its mere consequences.


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