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What vitamins can help to prevent hair loss?
22 Oct. 2014

healthy basketThere are few aspects of our appearance we pay more attention to than hair. It’s no secret that our hairstyles are one of the first things people notice about us, and it is very important in the formation of a first impression. Hair helps us express our individuality and create an image that sets us apart from others, but unfortunately, it is not infinite and self-replacing, so we do our best to keep it healthy and prevent it from falling out. Although there are a number of medicines and drugs available to prevent hair loss, you might want to opt for the natural sources of vitamins. This article will go over some vitamins that can help with this purpose, as well as where they’re found.

Vitamin D. This vitamin is the first one to be connected to hair loss in medical studies. Patients with a deficiency of Vitamin D found themselves losing significantly more hair with time. There are several forms of this vitamin (one of which is stimulated by sunlight), but you can get the kind you need by eating the following foods: salmon, orange juice and fortified milk are the top sources of the vitamin, with soy, margarine, and egg yolks also containing it.

Vitamin B. Vitamin B is a truly important vitamin for the body, necessary to produce blood cells, DNA and nerves. Since this vitamin is not produced independently by the body, it must be consumed through food. A deficiency of this vitamin has sometimes caused numbness, anemia, weakness, fatigue, jaundice and hair loss. To resolve this health issue, you can eat foods such as any kind of liver, fish, dairy products, poultry, and shellfish. vitaminsSome meat substitutes have also been found to be a source of Vitamin B.

Iron. It’s no secret that iron is one of the most important vitamins for the body. It is essential to human life because its atoms transport oxygen through the blood stream. While it has been difficult for researchers to directly prove that a deficiency of iron causes hair loss, several links have been found. To replenish your body’s iron reserves, you should consume foods like meat, seafood, cereal, nuts, several dried fruits and poultry.

Calcium. This is perhaps the most important vitamin in regards to hair, as it is found in the greatest quantity and is utilized the most by the body. Although most of the calcium in the body is found in bones and teeth, a portion is also situated in hair follicles. Calcium promotes healthy hair growth, and a deficiency of it may stunt this process or even cause hair to fall out. Dairy products are the best source of Calcium, and you can boost your levels by eating cheese, dairy cream, drinking yogurt and milk.

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