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Why Do We Gain Weight in Winter?
10 Feb. 2016

winter weight gainSeasonal fluctuations of weight are noticed in northern countries, where there are marked drops of winter and summer temperatures. Scientists believe that the change to a high calorie diet with the coming of cold weather is in our genes. In ancient times, winter was the hungry time of the year and people gained weight during autumn to be able to survive it. In addition, subcutaneous fat kept them warm.  So, to stay slender and avoid obesity, we have to outsmart the nature and prove our body that winter will not be long and cold. Besides, the following factors promote winter weight gain as well.

We become less active
Winter does not contribute to long walks in the fresh air at least for two reasons – cold and frost. Choosing to spend long winter evenings at home, we do not notice that we become much less active, and tend to spend our free time watching TV with a plate of something delicious.

Helpful tips
Fight your urge to bundle up in your blanket and sleep till the spring comes! Try to stay as active as possible – walk the stairs, do exercises in the morning, sign up for dancing lessons, do some winter sports, etc. When you watch TV occupy your hands with knitting or needlework instead of chips or popcorn.

We give way to winter blues
The lack of sunlight and bright colors can literally rob us of joy – the levels of serotonin and endorphins go down in the winter. The shortage of vitamin D, cold weather and gloomy days often drive us into the state of sadness and depression. Obesity and depression have a direct connection – trying to feel happy again, we start eating foods rich in flavours – sweets, pastries, fried and spicy foods.

Helpful tips
It’s important to raise your levels of endorphins, and the following can help – meeting up with friends, doing sports, walking in the fresh air, listening to lively music. Boost metabolism with interval trainings and eating regular small meals.

We lack waterweigth gain in winter
Due to the heaters and radiators as well as warm clothing we wear in the winter, our body lacks water, although it’s not always evident – dry air makes our hair electrified and lack of water in the body results in dry skin. Moreover, we tend to confuse thirst with hunger and start overeating, though all our body needs is just one glass of water.

Helpful tips
It’s very easy to neutralize this cause of weight gain – just don’t forget to drink enough water to provide your body with a sufficient amount of fluid. The following symptoms can help you understand that you are dehydrated – headaches, muscle cramps and dark urine color.

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