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Women’s sexual health
13 Apr. 2014

According to the WHO, women’s sexual health includes the whole set of physiological, intellectual, emotional and social components of the sexual life that positively enrich women, increase their communicability and ability to love.

Sex is extremely good and important for women’s health. The researchers say that increased frequency of sexual intercourse is connected with a decrease in breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases risks. Sex can even extend life expectancy. But it’s important for the health of a woman to have a regular sexual partner and use a condom to avoid STDs or unplanned pregnancy. Regular sexual life promotes rejuvenation of a woman and makes her more attractive. Physical intimacy with a beloved one activates metabolism, improves blood circulation and promotes increased production of hormones of happiness. If a woman does not get sexual satisfaction, it inevitably leads to irritability, aggression and disappointment.

The list of causes of sexual disorders in women includes such sexual issues as hormonal imbalance, inflammatory processes, monotonous sexual life, conflicts with a sexual partner, severe nervous disorders and unstable financial situation. For further information about women’s sexual health you can refer to the provided infographics.women’s sexual health

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