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Erectile Dysfunction in Young Adults

Knowing about natural decline of bodily functions with aging, most of us associate impotence with older men. Although impotence usually affects men over the age of 50, we are seeing more and more data on younger men. Even though the percentage is not so high – about 5% of men under the age of 40 - we understand that it’s not our age, but rather the unique state of psychological and physical health.

Youth is not immunity to illness, disease or dysfunction. As a rule, there are 3 chief culprits of erectile dysfunction: physical problems, psychological problems and problems due to medications. And while older men face ED mainly due to physical problems, younger men aged 20 -30 have it mainly due to psychological issues. In most cases it is attributed to anxiety or the so called performance jitters, or to depression, which impacts libido. However, it can be more of a psychological issue.

An erection involves nerves, brain, muscles, hormones and the circulatory system. All these systems must work together for normal erectile function. Once one of the systems is out of sync with the others, dysfunction may occur. If you notice problems with getting or maintaining erection, it is necessary to find out the exact reason of the breakdown. Proper testing and diagnosing erectile dysfunction can be performed only by the doctor, who will determine whether it is physical or psychological in nature. If it is psychological, counseling and anti-stress techniques will be more efficacious than medications. If it is of physical nature, you will be checked for vascular disorders, diabetes or thyroid disease.

Very often impotence is due to hormonal disorders, such hypogonadism or endocrinal impotence, which make the body produce incredibly low testosterone levels. It is known that hormones affect all bodily functions from muscle growth to cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, modern society faces a strange endemic – testosterone levels in young men are, for whatever reason, decreasing.

Persistent ED symptoms in young adults should not be ignored. They can indicate a host of underlying health problems, which, if left unattended, can be detrimental. Do not try to deal with the problem on your own. ED drugs are only for those who clearly need them. In no case start abusing ED drugs without prior consultation with your doctor and never mix them with other drugs or ecstasy. This can be a potentially deadly combination.


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