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Generic Adalat 20 mg

Generic Adalat 20 mg online

These tablets are a popular medication used by patients with increased blood pressure. The calcium channel blocker drug dilates the blood vessels, thus, facilitating the blood flow and helping to treat the symptoms of hypertension and angina.

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What is Adalat?
Adalat belongs to the calcium channel blocker (CCB) group of medications. By limiting the amount of calcium inside the muscle cells the drug relaxes the muscles, as one of calcium’s functions inside the muscle cells is to stimulate their contraction. The drug’s active ingredient, nifedipine, relaxes the vascular muscles, which helps to increase the size of constricted arteries and ease the blood flow. The heart has to do less work to pump the blood through the arteries, which is good for patients who are affected by angina pectoris. Hypertension symptoms are also relieved by this drug.

What are the indications for using Adalat?
Hypertension, that is the abnormally high blood pressure, is the main indication for use of Adalat. The drug is often prescribed for treatment of fast heartbeat. It is also widely used to treat chest pain caused by angina, but there are other drugs available for this purpose. Be sure to consult your doctor to learn which medication to use if you suffer from angina.

What is the dosage of Adalat?
Adalat tablets come in three dosages – 30 mg, 60 mg and 90 mg nifedipine. Regular use of the drug is recommended to achieve the desired effect. Normally, you would start with 30 mg Adalat once daily; the daily dose will only be increased by the doctor if the therapeutic effect of the initial recommended dosage is not sufficient. Tablets should be taken whole, preferably on an empty stomach.

What are the contraindications for using Adalat?
As Adalat possesses the blood vessel dilating effect, it is not recommended to be administered along with other hypotensive drugs or substances that contain nitrates. Concomitant use of Adalat and drugs like rifampin is not recommended, as well as consumption of grapefruits or grapefruit juice. Patients with heart disease history are usually not prescribed this drug, as it may worsen the chest pain. Although severe negative effects have not been reported for pregnant women, animal testing results indicate that pregnant or nursing patients should refrain from the use of the drug.

What are the adverse effects of Adalat?
Some of the side effects of Adalat use include the swelling of peripheral tissues, headache, flushing and dizziness. Other adverse consequences are rare, but if you have a feeling of increased chest pain, irregular heartbeat, if you feel short of breath or experience limb numbness, contact your doctor immediately.

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