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Generic Blopress 16 mg

Generic Blopress 16 mg online

Blopress is an antihypertensive drug available in 16 mg tablets for oral use. The active ingredient of the medication is Candesartan, an ARB indicated for essential hypertension management. Tablets can be prescribed alone or in combined therapy with diuretics. Take these tablets once a day, preferably in the mornings.

Generic Blopress 4 mg

Generic Blopress 4 mg online

Blopress is an antihypertensive drug with Candesartan Cilexetil as active ingredient. The agent inhibits angiotensin II receptors, which induce vasoconstriction. By doing this, blood vessels widen resulting in reduced blood pressure and improved heart function. The dose of 4 mg is prescribed for congestive cardiac failure in adult patients. The drug is typically combined with diuretics for additive antihypertensive effect.

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What is Blopress?
Blopress is a popular blood pressure medication which works by blocking the action of a chemical which is used for contracting the human blood vessels. When a person is a patient of hypertension and he doesn’t really respond to the comparatively conservative methods of treatment, Blopress is recommended. Apart from that, Blopress is often combined with other medicines as well, depending on the exact cause of the high blood pressure. Blopress is also given to patients for treating certain kinds of heart attack.
Blopress is one type of angiotensin II receptor blocker and it locks to the receptors for angiotensin. Thus, it prevents the chemical from getting activated. Therefore, the blood vessels are kept open and relaxed, causing blood pressure to go down and therefore stabilizes the human heart.

What are the Indications for using Blopress?
Blopress is mainly indicated by doctors for the following scenarios:

• For treatment of hypertension in the adult patients.
• If a person is suffering from reduced heart muscle function after suffering from a heart attack, Blopress is generally recommended.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Blopress?
Blopress is available in tablet format and the dosage depends on the type of disease and weight of the patient.

• For patients with high blood pressure, the dosage is usually 8 mg per day. However, depending on the situation it can be increased to even 32 mg per day. Doctors may suggest a lower dosage for patients with problems with kidney or liver though.
• For patients with heart problems, the recommended dosage is 4 mg per day and it may be combined with other similar medicines.

What are the Contraindications for using Blopress?

• If you are pregnant, it’s better not to take Blopress.
• If you are allergic to any of the active ingredients of Blopress, it’s better not to use this medicine.
• If you are suffering from biliary obstruction or severe liver disease, do not use Blopress.
• If you are suffering from Conn’s syndrome, it’s advised that you don’t take Blopress.

If you recently had a kidney transplant or have low blood pressure, consult your doctor before starting to use Blopress.

What are the Side Effects of Blopress?
The most common side effect of using Blopress is dizziness.
However, there are others as well, such as: swelling of face, difficulty in breathing, tiredness, itching etc. On rare occasions, your ability to resist infections or count of while blood corpuscles may get reduced as well.

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