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Doxazosin 4 mg

Doxazosin 4 mg online

Doxazosin is an alpha blocker prescribed for enlarged prostate treatment and high blood pressure control. The drug comes in tablet form for oral use and is typically administered once daily. 4 mg is a usual dose for BPH treatment and a medium effective dose for blood pressure control.

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What is Cardura?
Cardura is an oral medication for hypertension and BPH symptoms management.   The drug contains doxazosin mesylate as active ingredient, which is alpha-1 adregenic blocker. It works by relaxing muscles of the prostatic gland and the bladder neck helping to relieve the BPH symptoms such as urinary retention.  The drug also relaxes vascular smooth muscles leading to blood pressure lowering.
When is Cardura indicated?
Cardura is indicated for treatment of hypertension and urinary retention with underlying BPH.  The off-label use of the drug presupposes its application in congestive cardiac failure treatment, erectile dysfunction treatment, urinary retention treatment in women and bladder problems treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis.  It is approved for use in geriatric patients of 65 and over, but is not approved for use in children. The drug is produced by Pfizer in tablet form and is available in several strengths.

How to take Cardura?
The dosage will vary according to the medical condition being treated, concomitant diseases, age of the patient and individual response to the drug. Treatment with Cardura should be started with lowest possible dose of 1 mg and gradually up-titrated to avoid side effects. When treating enlarged prostate the acceptable daily intake shouldn’t exceed 8 mg. When treating hypertension the acceptable daily intake shouldn’t exceed 16 mg.  Pills are taken orally once daily regardless of meals.

What are Cardura side effects?
Cardura may provoke in some patients dizziness, fatigue, somnolence, difficulty of respiration, edema and hypotension. Significant reduction in blood pressure is noticed after the first dose intake as well as after up-titration of the dose and after the re-initiation of therapy. Therefore blood pressure should be constantly monitored during the therapy.  Immediately report to your physician if any signs of allergic reactions manifest while on the drug.  The drug may rarely provoke constipation, heartburn, angina, depression, insomnia and priapism in men.

When is Cardura contraindicated?
Cardura is contraindicated to patients with hypersensitivity to quinazolines. Prostate carcinoma should be ruled out prior to the initiation of the drug therapy.  Concomitant administration of the drug with PDF5 inhibitors may lead to excessive blood pressure reduction. It shouldn’t be used in pregnant and breast feeding women.

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