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This preparation of plant origin is designed for male sexual disorders prevention and treatment. Long-term use of the supplement has a beneficial effect on male reproductive system.

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What is Excel?

Are you interested in having sex, but just don’t feel like doing it again? If you are experiencing a sort of decrease in your sex drive or if you want to treat erectile dysfunction – you can opt for something that’s natural. Excel is your solution to such problems. The best part – it is completely herbal so comes sans many side effects that other compatriots with the same result have.

Not only that your sexual performance gets a boost with help of Excel, but, the body gets nourished from inside as well. Your sexual pleasure also gets increased, you start to have sex with your partner and the overall satisfaction level increases as well. Excel is known to be effective in restoring erectile ability and some of its major ingredients are: various herbs, vitamins and amino acids – all these combined have been researched to facilitate sexual functioning. Excel basically increases flow of blood to the human genitals for exciting sexual desire and helps people with erection related issues.

What are the indications for using Excel?

If you see your sexual drive declining, it is probably time to do something about it and switch to Excel. If you are facing trouble with erectile dysfunction, you can try out Excel as well. However, before you actually start using Excel, it’s better to consult your physician. Well, it is herbal, but still it’s better to consult a doctor before you actually start to use it.

What is the recommended dosage of Excel?

Excel is available in capsule format and you should not take more than a single capsule an hour prior to having sex. The dosage should not exceed what has been recommended.

What are the Contraindications for using Excel?

  • If you are already taking any types of nitrates such as nitroglycerin, you should not have Excel.
  • If you have a history of having troubles with your ears or eyes, it’s better not to use Excel.
  • If you have any problems with your heart or there is constant troubles with your blood pressure, avoid having Excel.

What are the Side Effects of Excel?

As it’s a natural solution, the side effects are little to none. However certain patients have reported to experience dizziness the next day after using it. At certain scenarios, the patient may experience allergic reactions as well after having Excel.


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