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Himplasia online

The supplement is indicated as an adjuvant to men suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia to alleviate pain and inflammation and improve urination.

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What is Himplasia?

Himplasia is a health supplement designed solely for men to support prostate gland functions. It is all natural, non-hormonal, unique polyherbal , ecologically pure product, which addresses problems arising from aging prostate. The key ingredients of the supplement are Areca catechu, Tribulus terrestris, Caesalpinia bonducella, Asparagus racemosus and some other plants, all unique by themselves. This special plant combination possesses both alpha-adrenoceptor antagonistic and 5-alpha reductase enzyme inhibitory activities.

When is Himplasia indicated?

Himplasia is indicated for prostate enlargement-associated symptoms management. It is originally intended for use in men older than 40, whose prostate gland begins to enlarge, leading to benign prostatic hyperplasia disease. The condition usually progresses with age, affecting about 80% of men elder 70. The supplement helps to maintain healthy prostate and reproductive function, reduces the prostate weight and size, improves urinary flow and supports healthy bladder function.

How to take Himplasia?

Take one Himplasia tablet twice daily preferably with meals to avoid stomach irritation. Do not exceed the afore-referenced daily dose to avoid overdosing. The product can be started early in people with moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms to minimize the risk of further prostate enlargement. The health supplement is not a wholesome balanced diet substitute.

When is Himplasia contraindicated?

Himplasia has practically no contraindications. Nevertheless it may interact with other drugs for benign prostatic hyperplasia. So discuss with your consulting physician all possible drug interactions. It is not intended for use in women, children or teenagers and should be used with caution in hypertensive patients.

What are Himplasia adverse reactions?

No adverse reactions due to Himplasia have been reported so far. When taken as prescribed, health supplements generally do not provoke any adverse reactions.

Where can one buy Himplasia?

Himplasia can be bought at ordinary drugstores, ayurvedic drugstores and internet drugstores. The latter stocks the herbal product in the form of pills for oral use. Addressing internet pharmacy one can save a substantial amount of money taking advantage of special offers, discount coupons and bonus systems.

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