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Generic Isoptin 40 mg

Generic Isoptin 40 mg online

Generic Isoptin 80 mg

Generic Isoptin 80 mg online

Generic Isoptin 120 mg

Generic Isoptin 120 mg online

Generic Isoptin 240 mg

Generic Isoptin 240 mg online

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What is Isoptin?
Isoptin is a drug used to regulate high blood pressure. Hypertension has a very high incidence and left untreated, can be a very dangerous condition that can cause a number of potentially fatal complications. Isoptin alleviates hypertension by relaxing blood vessels allowing the blood to flow more freely that in turn reduces the effects associated with the condition.

When is Isoptin Administered?
Besides high blood pressure, Isoptin can be used to treat a number of other heart related conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia and angina. Isoptin can also be effective in combating non-heart related conditions such as severe headaches. This drug may be prescribed alone or combined with other medications for more effective treatment.

Dosage Instructions for Isoptin?
Dosage instructions may vary depending on the condition that is being treated with the drug and its severity. Other factors affecting the dose selection include patient’s age and his health history. In general, 80 – 200 mg may be prescribed by your medical practitioner to be taken in small equivalent doses over a period of 24 hours.

What are the Contraindications for Isoptin?
If your immune system is too sensitive, be sure to inform your doctor before taking this medication. As the drug is being used to treat high blood pressure, it can cause severe reactions when used by someone who has low blood pressure (hypotension). It may not be advisable for patients who are experiencing heart palpitations.

What Side Effects May be Experienced?

Isoptin may result in some mild side effects such as change of heart rate (usually less than average), abdominal symptoms and headaches, alterations in skin tone, coughing with or without phlegm as well as flu-like symptoms. Rare but serious side effects include mental confusion, increased perspiration and chest pain. In case of debilitating symptoms, treatment should be discontinued until further advice will be given by your doctor.

Where Can I Buy Isoptin?
Isoptin is available in most pharmacies however for convenience and reduced prices, online pharmacies would most likely be your best option. Isoptin is generally prescribed for a long period of time. For this reason, purchasing online may be more beneficial as discounts are generally offered for bulk purchases.

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