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Generic Pravachol 10mg

Generic Pravachol 10mg online

Generic Pravachol 20mg

Generic Pravachol 20mg online

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What is Pravachol?
High blood cholesterol is a condition that has a very high incidence globally. While obesity and bad lifestyle choices such as smoking is a common cause, your genetic history also plays a major role in deciding your predisposition to the condition. There are a number of natural methods that can be used to regulate the levels of cholesterol in the blood however in some cases, medication is the best resort. Pravachol regulates cholesterol levels in the blood by lowering LDL and triglycerides ("bad" fats) and increasing good fat levels (high density lipoprotein).

When is Pravachol Administered?
Pravachol is an effective means of regulating blood cholesterol levels however it is always recommended to rely on natural methods first. 3 factors can contribute to lowering cholesterol levels in the blood naturally; your daily diet, exercising and maintaining your weight. There is also the prospect of changes in lifestyle habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. If these methods fail, Pravachol is an excellent solution to consider to control your blood cholesterol levels.

Dosage Instructions for Pravachol?
Pravachol tablets are available in a number of doses, starting from 10mg up to 80 milligram per day. Dosages usually start around the midway point of 40 mg and is adjusted depending on the severity of the condition. For certain individuals with major organ problems (related to kidneys and liver), the starting dosage may be as little as 10mg per day.

What are the Contraindications for Pravachol?
There are certain conditions and diseases that may not work well with Pravachol. Be sure to inform your doctor regarding any past conditions related to the liver, kidney or thyroid gland. Other factors include diabetes and heavy consumption of alcohol.

What Side Effects May be Experienced?
One of the main advantages of Pravachol is the minimal side effects associated with the drug. There are a number of common side effects that may occur however it should be noted that it is quite rare. Side effects include flu like symptoms, heartburn and skin conditions such as itching.

Where Can I Buy Pravachol?

Pravachol is available in most drug stores but to ensure availability, it is best to order the drug online from a reliable store. You also get key information available on online drug stores regarding the medication that you may miss when you purchase it at a pharmacy.

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