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This all natural product helps improve male fertility; it increases sperm count and total motility.

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What is Speman?

Speman is a herbal medicine that is known to increase the sperm count in a man. Speman works by increasing the testosterone levels in a man and thereby promotes the process of sperm foundation known as spermatogenesis. Moreover, it produces basophil cells in the human pituitary, thereby increasing the LH-FSH.

Not only Speman increases sperm count, but it acts well in enhancing the sexual performance as well. It sustains penile erection improving the sexual desire in a man. In addition, as it contains aphrodisiac property, it works well against seminal weakness too. Additionally, Speman works well to reduce the oxidative damage to human sperm.

Some of the basic ingredients of Speman are: Hygrophilia, Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus terrestris, Leptadenia reticulate, Orchis mascula, Mosaic gold, Parmelia perlata, Small Caltrops & Cowhage/Velvet Bean.

What are The Indications for using Speman?

If you are suffering from Oligospermia (A disease which causes semen to have low concentration of sperm), Prostatitis, Reduced mobility of sperm cells, Increased sperm viscosity or Adenoma of prostate gland; you can start using Speman. However, before you start having the same, make sure to consult a doctor.

What is the usual dosage for Speman?

Speman is available in form of tablet and you should keep the bottle containing the medicine away from exposure to direct sunlight. The general dosage is of 2 tablets in a single day and it may be decreased followed by a continued usage. Dosage may vary from one person to another and a medical practitioner should be consulted before you start using Speman.

What are the contraindications for using Speman?

You should not use Speman in case you are allergenic to any of the ingredients this medicine includes. Also, if you are already under medication for treating premature ejaculation, it is advised not to take Speman at the same time. When your doctor prescribes you Speman, it is important to share the list of medicines that you are already taking as Speman may interact with other medicines causing fatal condition for your health.

What are the known Side effects of using Speman?

There are no such common side effect of Speman if used as directed by the doctor, however, some patients have complained of skin allergies after continued usage of Speman. In rare scenarios, increased blood pressure has also been reported by the patients taking Speman for more than a couple of months.


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